Filmora 6.8 has arrived; Added 3 New Awesome Features

With more and more people stepping into the creative field professionally as well as a hobby, the creative field is really opening up. One particular field that is getting a lot of exposure is film making. If you too are planning to step into the field, you’ll need a couple of things to begin with namely a good camera and a good video editing software. Now we can’t provide you with a camera but we can provide you with is a good video editing software. Let’s introduce you to Filmora video editing software which recently received an update.

Filmora 6.8

The popular video editing software Filmora has launched its new and updated version, v 6.8 which comes with a whole lot of new features. As if the simple to use UI and Windows and Mac support were not enough, the new update brings many new features but 3 main ones. The three new features are screen record, image stabilization and reverse.

As the name suggests, screen record allows you to anything that is playing on your screen. So if you want to edit some portion of a long video that you already have in your laptop, you don’t have to edit the whole video. You can just record the part you want to edit and use it simply.

3 Features in Filmora 6.8

Image stabilization as we all know is a boon for people with shaky hands and when it comes to video editing, image stabilization is really useful. Image stabilization helps you fix all the accidental motion blurs that usually happen when you hold the camera in your hand.

Last, reverse feature allows you to edit your video and play it in reverse in case you need to. The reverse feature can add a very strong cinematic effect to the video when needed or can be used just to mess around and get some funny videos.

Not only this, Filmora also launched a special Christmas effects pack before Christmas which included 25 music tracks,8 test& credit, 29 overlays and 25 elements. Now all these functions crammed into one software might make it seem like the software will be complicated and difficult to use but on the contrary, the UI is very simple and easy to use even for first time users. You can download Flimora for free.

For those of us that like to record and edit the videos on the mobile itself, you have no reason to feel left out ad Filmora also launched FilmoraGo, the mobile version of Filmora on the Google Play Store for all the Android users. FilmoraGo was launched with the Christmas effects pack and is free of cost for all the Android users to download and install from the Play Store . After just 3 days of its launch, FilmoraGo has hit “Trending” on the Play Store. Get FilmoraGo for free from Google PlayStore.


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