9 common Blogging mistakes that you must know

Back to the first week of last month when I told you about only three mistakes which can also be done by any newbie. But after that day, I became busy to find other common mistakes which I am going to tell you through this simple post.

Generally in blogging carrier, you cannot do any mistake. If your pet is mistake of your blog, definitely you have to lose your blog in a few days. So if you are suffering any of these following mistakes, you must remove them as soon as possible.

Blogging Without An Intention:

Blogging without a proper aim is nothing. If you are one of them who cannot give the answer of Why You Are Blogging, you are really wasting your valuable time by spending a lot of time for your blog. No one would not ask you this question. You have to ask it to your mind.

Choosing A Perfect Topic:

Perfect topic may give you success. You don’t choose any topic which you don’t have so many knowledge and experience. Understand the difference between Knowledge and Experience. These two things are almost different like North Pole and South Pole.

Lack Of Knowledge:

You don’t have any basic knowledge of SEO, How-To Blog, and Keyword Guide and so on. Though there are so many blogs which always want to give a basic knowledge to every newbies [Thanks To All Of them], but who don’t know How-To Blog, they don’t know what SEO or Keyword is. Honestly, these were also unknown to me for like around 30 days after starting full time blogging.

No Social Connection:

You know that I have already told you the trick by which you can get a huge traffic through Social Networking Websites. Actually social networking websites are very much helpful for every beginner who are school or college students and who has not so enough money to create an ad campaign on Google Adwords. If you have no Facebook account, twitter profile, LinkedIn Profile, Facebook Fan page, Facebook group, I am sure that you blog is missing a huge traffic.

Using Of Special English:

English is the most common language for blogging and this language can be used in everywhere and I am sure that you are also blogging in English. There are also so many people for which English is quite difficult but they can read it if they any article in simple English. So, keeping this in mind, if you write a post in simple English instead of traditional English, you can catch more visitors as everyone is not an English professor. Please write your article in your simple English. I am not telling you that you cannot improve yourself for this language. But it may be harmful for you and obviously for your blog.

Don’t Accept All Comments:

Comments are working like a boast for every bloggers. But there also so many comment builders which are very busy to create some genuine spam comments only for your blog. These spam comments are very much harmful for your PageRank. So, be aware before accepting A to Z comments.

Blogging On Multiple Topics:

Blogging on multiple niche is also very much detrimental for your blog. Suppose, someone gets an article about  Recover Deleted Files, Folders And Deleted Partitions From PC and you have hyperlinked an article which is about cooking. If someone clicks on that link and he/she gets that topic about cooking, he/she will become confused and he/she will leave your blog as soon as possible.

Change Your Topic:

This is one of the most common mistakes for anyone to leave his/her core topic on which he/she started blogging. For example, you are blogging on Computer Tricks but you don’t have adequate knowledge. I am sure that you will change your topic. This is legal but not SEO friendly.

Copy From Other Blogs:

Yes, this is true that you cannot create any topic as if you search your topic which you are now writing, you can get hundreds of results on different search engines and I am sure this article you can also find in different blogs. So, if you want to be a copy-paste blogger then its okey but if you really want to be a blogger, copy-paste is nothing. You have to show your creativity in your every posts.

So, don’t just be a Blogger. Show your creativity, get praise, create your own name in Blogging world. Tell us, which mistake(s) you have done after starting your blogging carrier.
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