Blueair Stages Global Launch of World’s First fully Integrated IoT Air Purification System in India

India is Blueair’s launchpad for the world’s first intelligent, fully connected, fully working indoor air monitoring, control and purification system. The company says the hardcore air cleaning system now rolling out across Indiais potentially capable of detecting and combatting airborne germ, chemical, smoke and other particle attacks.

The system connecting Blueair’s Sense+, Aware air quality monitor and BlueairFriend app, allows consumers to fully control the air they breathe 24/7 for probably the first time in human history.Blueair’s’Home Air Defence System’ means Indian homeowners and businesses alike can benefit from indoor air free of allergens, chemicalsandeven outdoor pollution that has seeped inside, without ever having to worry about their air quality.

Blueair Sense Plus launch

“Blueair’s visionary new air purifying technology harnesses Internet of Things technology to connect our designer-contemporary Sense+ air purifier with the sleek-looking Aware air monitor and BlueairFriend app to intelligently monitor, control and clean homes and workplaces of airborne hazards,” said Blueair founder and CEO Mr. Bengt Rittri. He added: “Designed to be the most ingenuous smart indoor air purifier on the planet, Sense+ reimagines Blueair’s renowned indoor air purifying expertise with a host of new features and benefits packaged in an exceptional out-of-this-world contemporary design.”

Mr.Rittri saidBlueair’sHEPA enhanced Home Air Defence System effectively helps consumers fend off airborne threats to create safer indoor havens in a world where air pollution has become the single biggest danger facing humankind, causing millions of deaths in India and worldwide. Air pollution is also a major factor behind mounting respiratory diseases, such as asthma and COPD.

Blueair launch

The Sense+ is engineered to purify the air using patented HepaSilentfiltration technology in rooms up to 200 square feet every 12 minutes of almost all known airborne pollutants. The sleek air purifier uses wireless technology to access the information being harvested by the remote Blueair Aware air quality monitor on the Blueair Friend app, which can either automatically adjust the Sense+ airflow speed or permit manual control.

The Blueair Friend app, available for both AppleIoS and Android smart phones and tablets, will eventually gather data on an hourly basis from thousands of gauging stations across India and over one hundred other countries to deliver trustworthy information on local outdoor air quality. The app also receives data from the Aware monitor that provides a detailed view of indoor pollution such as fine dust and VOC’s as well as temperature and humidity.

Apart from its IoT capabilities, the second-generation Sense+ has been given more air cleaning power to remove all the nasty stuff from rooms at home or at work, including dust, allergens, chemicals, viruses and odors.  The improved user interface, controlled by gentle hand swipes above the Sense+ hardened-glass surface top, embraces a WiFi strength-indicator, a WiFi button and a filter change indicator.

Enhanced features include improved performance on the highest speed setting, an ultra-low sound level on the lowest setting and a WiFi enabled remote control for use with the Blueair Mobile App. The remote control will turn the Sense+ on or off, adjust fan speed, set a timer, dim or sharpen LED intensity, put the appliance into ‘sleep mode’, enable a child lock and indicate when a filter needs changing.

“Blueair is making the invisible ‘visible’ by harnessing IoT technology to empower consumers to better understand their surrounding air quality, detect dangers and immediately remove allergens, asthma triggers, viruses, bacteria and other airborne pollutants to create a safer haven indoors,” said Blueair India head, Mr. Vijay Kannan.

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