How to get Google Authorship for your WordPress Blog

Usually, if you want to get Google Authorship for your Google Blogger blog, you can get with some easy methods. But the method to get Google Authorship for your WordPress Blog is quite different from others. Though there is a WordPress plugin, called Google Authorship, which works in something like the same way. But you know that this is much better to use a simple code instead of using a plugin because more plugins make your blog slower than earlier. That’s why today I am going to use two different simple codes.

Why you need Google Authorship?

Actually, Google Authorship works in various ways. For example,

  • Your picture will be appeared in Google search result page. It looks quite professional.
  • If someone meets your pictures, obviously he/she will come into your blog. It brings traffics.
  • As Google Authorship is verified by Google, you are a reputed and known blogger in Google eye.



How to get Google Authorship for your WordPress Blog?

It looks very easy. You just have to embed two different codes in two different pages.

Sign in to your WordPress admin panel.

Go to Header (header.php) from your theme editor.

Pick out <head> tag and paste the following code just after the <head> tag. But you have to embed it before closing </head> tag.

<link href=”” rel=”author” />

Supersede the “117325015794892720336” code with your own Google Plus id.

Save your changes.

Then go to functions.php and add this following code.
add_action(‘wp_head’, ‘add_google_rel_author’);
function add_google_rel_author() {
echo ”;
Supersede the “117325015794892720336” code with your own Google Plus id.

Then go to your Google plus profile and edit your profile. (Something like the following method.)

Go to Contributor to tab and add two links.

1st. Name – Search Engine People

Url – Your blog url (With http://)

2nd Name –  Feedburner

Url – Your feed url

Make these Public.

Then go to Links tab and add this following thing.

Name – About me

Url –

Save your changes.

That’s all!

Now go to here and enter your blog url and hit enter. If you can find your picture just beside the excerpt, that’s Okey. But if you can’t find it, I suggest you to do all these things again.

If you still have any problem, you can ask me via comment or by going here.

Alternative methods are here.

First Method.

Second Method.

Special Thanks To Syed Balkhi For This Nice Tips.

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