CREO Mark 1 Launches in India that runs on FUEL OS for INR 19,999

CREO, a Bangalore based consumer technology company, today unveiled its proprietary stock Android based Operating System – FUEL OS which, powers a top-of-the-line smartphone – CREO Mark 1. The in-house developed hardware and software, together boast of a New Phone, Every Month experience. The CREO Mark 1 devices will be available on the company’s official website and on Flipkart for purchase at Rs. 19,999.

CREO Mark 1

Mark 1 comes packed with unique and compelling OS level features such as Retriever – an app that never lets you lose your phone; Echo – a voice based answering machine system completely independent of carriers and devices, Sense – a universal phone search that finds what you’re looking for when you double tap on the home button, Camera Modes such as Live-photo, 503D selfie, Slo-Mo videos and Time Lapse to name a few.

Sai Srinivas, CEO & Co-Founder, CREO said, “We’ve been working long and hard to put out a product that redefines the way we look at hardware. In our fearless endeavor to make a smartphone that is more than just the sum of its great specs, we’ve built FUEL – an Operating System that’ll give a new phone experience every month, with features that deliver on both, performance and functionality.” He further adds, “What makes these features better every month, is the first-of-its-kind, community inclusive update system that stems from feedback and suggestions from users. With their invaluable input, we will be able to deliver on our promise of making Android better.”

CREO Mark 1 Front

The Mark 1 with its sleek metal body, protected by Gorilla Glass 3 on both sides and 2.5D curves, comes in Gun Metal Black with a 5.5” screen and a Quad HD display yielding an astonishing 534 PPI. The phone comes with a top-of-the-line 21MP Sony IMX 230 Exmor rear camera and 8MP front camera and is powered by a 1.95 GHz True Octa Core Helio X10 Processor with 3GB RAM and a 3100mAh fast-charging Li-Po battery. With 32GB of storage, expandable up to 128GB, Mark 1 offers convenient and smart Dual SIM Slots enabled with 4G connectivity.

CREO Mark 1 Back


Shubham Malhotra, CTO & Co-Founder, CREO, added, “Our single focus was on building experiences unheard of on any smartphone or any operating system. With always evolving software on a future-proof hardware, we’re confident of showcasing how hardware can be differentiated by virtue of the software that runs it.”

Retaining the stock Android look and feel, with a proprietary Android based OS, FUEL – Mark 1 is launching with unique features such as Echo, Retriever, Sense, Notification Manager, Smart Sim Slot, amongst many others.

Industry First Features:

Sense – With Sense, you can find anything on your phone with a double-tap on the home button from anywhere whether you’re on an App, watching a movie or playing a game. Sense indexes everything from settings, apps, messages, contacts, photos, files to calendar events. You name it and Sense will find it for you. Just double tap on the home button, start typing and Sense displays results as you type, letting you get to what you want in seconds.
Sense In Action


Echo – Never miss a call again. Echo answers your calls for you when you can’t. Don’t send that “In a meeting, call you later.” SMS to people you care about; set your own greeting and let Echo greet your caller and record messages for you. It works seamlessly without the Internet and without the involvement of carriers, saving you costs and making the experience a whole lot better – it works out of the box!

Echo App Screenshot


Retriever – The Retriever is foolproof in detecting theft. It automatically triggers alerts to your Email ID anytime a new SIM is inserted into your Mark 1. The best part: it works without an active internet connection and even after a factory reset. If it’s un-stealable, it’s yours forever.

Retriever Email Alert


Other Notable Features:

Smart Roaming for Dual Sim Designed for frequent travelers, Smart Roaming automatically makes sure your local SIM is set as the primary SIM and the Roaming Sim is made your Secondary SIM.

CREO Mark 1 SIM Slots

Smart Forwarding A feature that auto-diverts calls from ‘SIM 1’ to ‘SIM 2’ in your Phone and vice versa when the network on either of the SIM cards is unavailable or unreachable.


Notifications Manager Get notified, not spammed. Mark 1 grants you control over the notifications of all the apps you truly care about and allows you to block/mute notifications from spammy Apps with a single tap directly on the notification, in the simplest way possible.


Clean Inbox for Messages – Our built-in SMS Inbox automatically detects spam and sorts your SMS’s into categories like ‘People’ where you can see texts from people you know and business messages or spam. Similar to how your email is sorted. It is an SMS inbox for a simpler texting experience. Taking it one step further “Quick Reply” allows you to reply to messages on-the-go, and Auto “Copy OTP” seamlessly detects and copies the OTP.  Save time for things that matter more.


One Camera to Rule Them All

Mark 1’s 21 MP rear camera with Sony Exmor IMX230 sensor captures reality in all its glorious details. The rear shooter sets new benchmarks in smartphone videography with the ability to shoot 120 FPS Ultra Slo-Mo videos in Full HD (1080p). Together with the capability to record 4K Videos and a quick-fire 0.5s PDAF Auto-Focus powering the 21MP sensor, Mark 1’s camera is all you’ll ever need to shoot breathtaking photos and videos.

That’s not all, Fuel OS complements the cutting edge camera with the all-new camera app, that lets you snap 3D Photos with the Front and Back Camera, 3D Photo captures your moments and its immediate surroundings and can save it in the form of a GIF that animates automatically on Facebook and Twitter timelines.

3D Photo from CREO Mark 1

3D Photo from CREO Mark 1 ( Exported to Gif Format)

Want your pictures to say more? Get clicking on the Live Photo mode which captures a quick 3-second live video so those priceless moments are lively and not frozen in time. The front camera has a wide 86 degrees Field of View and a handy Beautify mode to capture flawless selfies without stretching your arms.

Some Pictures we took from CREO Mark 1:
Picture Sample from CREO Mark 1


2. Picture Sample from CREO Mark 1


A First-of-its-Kind Community Inclusive Update System

The Mark 1’s core promise of “A New Phone Every Month” manifests itself in the first-of-its-kind community Inclusive Update system, which keeps the Mark 1 new by introducing functional and brand new features every month. What’s more, these features rolled out monthly will come from the very users who share the common goal of Making Android Better.

ReFuel the one-stop app powering the updates, acts as a centre-stage for Feature Suggestions, Forums, Support, Mark 1 tips, and significantly, delivering concrete communication about an update before you choose to install it, via rich graphics and featurettes. For transparency, each update comes with its adoption rate and individual rating, and finally, to top it off, each and every feature rolled out is credited to the users who suggested it, making the CREO Mark 1 update process, the most explicit, transparent and community inclusive update system like no other.


On Demand Service at your fingertips

CREO aims to deliver superior customer experience to its users, where users can just type CREO Support’ in Sense and automatically Chat/Call with a CREO Support executive for any help with the Phone or its new features. Sense also shows the service centers closest to the user’s location at that moment.

CREO is starting with 106 service centers in 96 Cities with phone pick up and drop service available in 15 top cities. This is set to increase to 300 service centers in 150 cities in the coming months. You can access the contact details of all these service centers in the ReFuel App on the Phone.

Sneak Peek into the updates next month:

For the first round of the exciting updates on the CREO Mark 1, here are a few features to look forward to in the next update slated for 13th May, 2016:

  • Photo Editor
  • Selfie Screen Flash
  • Automatic BKG Data Manager
  • Auto & Customizable Echo
  • Sense 2.0

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