Automatically send latest post to Twitter and Facebook using Feedburner

Here is a tiny script that may be helpful for you if you are very busy or you are wasting time for sharing your posts on different famous social networking websites such like Facebook, Twitter and so on. Generally, there is a small connection between the three important things (Feedburner, Facebook & Twitter). There three tools are interlinked but you cannot find them easily.

You know that Google Feedburner is a free service that helps you to distribute daily newsletters among your subscribers. Actually, Google Feedburner is one of most important as well as essential thing for any kind of blogger. You must have an appropriate feedburner account with burnt feed.

On other hand Facebook and Twitter are the main two sources which can give you a lot of visitor to your blog within a few days. Also there is no doubt that these two social networking websites are the two Google Adwords alternatives. You can promote your blog to the entire world with the help of these two famous social networking websites. Usually, most of the new bloggers expenditure these after starting their blog.

These whole interlink procedure will working like the following way.

However, let me define how to send latest post to Twitter and Facebook using Feedburner:-

By default, Google Feedburner has the option that can create interlink between your Feedburner and Twitter account. For this you have to go to Publicize >> Socialize menu.

Then click on the Add a twitter Account. Enter your proper log in details to synchronize your Twitter and Feedburner account.


Then open your Twitter account and go to the Settings page. Click on Profile tab from the left pane.

After that connect your Facebook profile by clicking on Connect To Facebook button.


That’s all! You have almost done!

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