Fuel OS May 2016 Update adds 5 new features and enhances performance

CREO, a Bangalore based consumer technology company today, unveiled the first update to its proprietary stock Android based Operating System – FUEL OS, which powers its flagship smartphone – Mark 1. The first software update after exactly a month of the OS and phone’s launch; includes introduction of new features such as Enhance, Data Manager, Selfie Flash and an upgrade to the existing features such as Sense and Echo along with overall performance enhancements.The indigenously developed software updates for Mark 1 are in line with CREO’s promise to deliver a New Phone Every Month through monthly updates on Fuel with OS level features. The CREO Mark 1 devices are currently available on sale on the company’s official website (www.creosense.com) and on Flipkart for purchase at Rs. 19,999 and at a minimum of Rs. 4,000 via Flipkart product exchange.

Mark 1 Update

Sai Srinivas, CEO & Co-Founder, CREO said, “We’re overwhelmed to see the initial response to the CREO Mark 1. As promised exactly a month back, we are glad to roll out our first update to Fuel OS – updates which utilize the amazing capabilities that Android has to offer, and will bring in entirely new experiences for our Mark 1 users. A number of conversations with users, developers and industry influencers have helped shape our May update with their suggestions and feedback. Our sincere thanks to our community of Makers. With them, we’ll keep making Android better”

Here is a deeper look at what’s new in store this month:

Data Manager – Take Charge of your Cellular Data Consumption

A brand new feature embedded into Android’s settings, Data Manager allows a simple and intuitive way of saving cellular data consumption by regulating data access to the many apps present on the user’s phone.

It informs the user of the size of the problem (how much background data is being used out of their total data consumption) and provides simple toggles to restrict unwanted apps from consuming background mobile data. An internal research done by CREO reveals that this feature can help save data charges up to 25-30%, varying on usage.

Enhance – A Light and Quick Photo-Editor

Enhance is a seamless photo editor complementing the Camera App and the Gallery, and allows for quick and easy photo editing.

Users will be able to Crop, Transform and Adjust images in addition to setting Vignettes and applying various Filters. Apart from these options, Enhance also allows users to create custom presets which can be applied instantly.

Selfie Flash – Brighter Selfies in Low Light

Taking the 8 MP front camera performance to the next level, even under low-light conditions, Fuel OS elegantly solves with problem with the Selfie Flash. Selfie Flash lets the user click well -lit selfies using the front facing camera in environments where the lighting may not be conducive to photography.

When the Selfie-Flash mode is switched on, the 5.5 inch phone display lights up for a split second radiating a burst of light for that perfect selfie!

Sense – Double Tap for Anything

The Mark 1 in April launched with Sense – a unified search experience built exclusively in Fuel OS. Sense facilitates the local search of contacts, applications documents, music files, emails etc. Sense can be activated from anywhere in the phone by a simple Double Tap on the Home Button.

Keeping up with the core objective of getting things done faster on the Mark 1, Fuel OS now sports some all-new nifty features on Sense.

  • Calculations on the go. Enter Calculations and get real-time results.
  • WhatsApp any contact directly with a simple Double Tap on the Home Button
  • Add a Phone number to contacts.

Search for Apps directly on the Play Store

Sense functions at an OS level with no hassles of multiple App permissions and can be invoked

anywhere with a simple Double Tap on the Mark 1 home button.

Echo – Free Personalized Answering Machine

Another feature that was introduced with the launch of the Mark 1 was Echo – a built-in answering machine in Fuel OS which works right out of the box and has zero operator or internet dependency. On popular demand from ardent Mark 1 fans, the May update makes Echo even more impressive with a host of new options for users.

  • All new hassle free Echo Mode which directs all calls to Echo without the involvement of the user. Echo Mode also comes with smart triggers – such as automatically turning on when the phone is on Silent Mode or when an upcoming meeting is detected on the user’s calendar.
  • Taking personalization a step further, Echo now allows users to be able to set different Welcome Messages for different contacts in the phone.
  • Echo is not just personalized, it’s also localized! Besides English, Echo now welcomes callers in all new 6 popular Indian languages – Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada.

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