Usha 360R InfinityCook Halogen Oven Review : Light up your Kitchen

In this cyber age that we live in today, there’s little need to perform physical activities to get our work done. You can work from home. Have food items and other stuff delivered directly to your home. Meet relatives and friends over the internet. Technology sure is a boon but it has made today’s generation unhealthy. Many people don’t work out and most of them don’t even have the time to do so, keeping fit has become a major task these days. But like everything, technology too has two sides. Using it wisely can help you get back fit.

Wondering why all this talk about fitness and technology? Because today we will be reviewing a piece of equipment that can help you get fit. So let’s get on with our review of the Usha 360R InfinityCook Halogen Oven.

Like the name suggests, Usha 360R InfinityCook Halogen Oven is a great oven that makes use of a halogen bulb to cook the ingredients inside. Not only cook, you can perform many other heating functions using this oven. Infact, Usha halogen oven’s description page on Amazon even says it can help you replace 9 devices in your kitchen by performing all their functions, namely bake, grill, roast, de-frost, barbeque, and boil eggs/potatoes without water.

Box Contents

The Usha 360R InfinityCook halogen oven comes in a giant box which consists of following items-

  • Oven itself
  • Rotisserie Stick
  • Rotisserie Grill
  • Rotisserie Basket
  • Rotisserie Skewers
  • Frying Pan
  • Grill Rack
  • Oil Spray Bottle
  • Tongs


The halogen oven is not only as useful as it sounds but also makes for a nice attention grabber.

Usha 360R Halogen Oven

The oven consists of a glass bowl which has an amazing 12 liters of capacity. On top of the bowl is the halogen bulb which serves as the heat source to cook or heat the food. The controls to control the heat rest on the top of the bulb. You also get 4 accessories with the over: High and Low rack, tongs, frying pan, bread holder and forks (4 pieces).


Installing the oven is child’s play. You can easily set it up alone without any help. As soon as you plug it in, you are ready to cook food. As soon as you turn the oven on, the bulb lights up emitting a very soothing orange bowl that will fill the entire room. The bowl being made of glass, you can see your food being cooked right in front of your eyes.

USHA InfinitiCook 360R Halogen Oven

Unlike conventional ovens that require special utensils in order for you to be able to use them, Usha Halogen Oven is much more convenient. You can cook in utensils made of anything like steel, bone china, glass etc. However, if you have a great taste of fried food you are set not to be disappointed.

USHA Halogen Oven

Our first experiment with the oven involved making potato wedges. While the wedges cooked up to be nice, the crispiness that you achieve using conventional deep frying was missing. A lack of the good old texture was felt too. Next, we tried cooking Paneer Tikka and were quite okay.

Halogen Oven in Action

Along with the missing texture, we also found uneven cooking. You have to flip the food while drying as the heat source is at the top unlike a microwave oven which in turns leads to uneven cooking. Also, trying to cook food items like samosa and kachori that involve long period of deep frying is a waste of time.

USHA 360R halogen oven

However, the halogen oven is not that bad at all. You can cook food items that require mediocre levels of heating such as instant noodles, warm your food, bake cakes and even defreeze stuff. The oven also comes with a clean ad sterilize option using which you can clean the bowl to make sure it does not contaminate your food.


All in all, the Halogen oven from Usha performed below our expectations. However, the device is ideal for warming stuff and baking cakes. Also, if you are considering buying a new oven, be sure to keep Usha in consideration.


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