Some Top 5 HD Video Downloaders 2016

For a lot of us a good pass time is watching videos. Movies, music videos, series episodes, and anything else that’s good content. The quality of the video plays a very important role in how enjoyable the video is, hence we will discuss the top 5 video downloaders hereon.



This app is fast, reliable and easy to use. It provides the user a list of working links from different video hosting sites. Most sites have their own database, and the videos not included in that database can’t be downloaded through it. In other words users may need to download multiple downloader apps. Whereas vidmate provides one place everything kind of service since it’s connected with over 20 portals from which you can download video and in qualities ranging from 240p to 4k video. Vidmate apk also has several other video entertainment features every videophile should try out, but those are a secret.

YouTube downloader

YTD is a slightly slower app that’s exclusive to YouTube. It gives you a wide range of videos to choose from when it comes to videos made by YouTubers but sadly not such a wide range in movies and series. It provides a range of qualities to download from though including but not limited to hd. Bringing advantages in both application size and function, you can download videos on the go as well with the pause function, so you never have to worry about how well your net is working when you’re downloading videos with it.


This is a very popular downloader. It allows the user to download files uploaded or shared by a number of uploaders. So more often than not, there’s a range a range of qualities and prints to choose from, including hd. Only problem being, unless you are sure of the uploader there is a safety risk involved. Using Torrents can be a pain if you don’t know how to navigate the websites as well. New users are likely not to click the right “download” button and end up on one of the several pop up pages and adware download websites. Possibly one of the best things to do in for newbies is to stick with one download source for torrents since every website (usually) has the same format for how they place ads.

Free video downloader

FVD as the name suggests is free to download and use. It’s similar to vidmate, in that it comes with a search engine that scours the net to find and list links to where one can find the video desired. Although not as functional as most other applications on this list, FVD has its advantages in portability and search scope, making it easy for users to find what they need from a broader database than usual.

Easy downloader

This app must be downloaded with a browser. When the user uses the browser to search for videos. The app automatically senses them and the download option opens up. The video can then be downloaded to the device without the user being required to cut and paste the link.


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