Why You Shouldn’t Buy the New iPhone 7

iPhone 7 is going to be launched on 7th October, 2016 in the India. Everyone is going gaga for this new generation of Apple’s iPhone. This edition is having the faster processor, better camera quality and greater battery span amongst all its other additions.

If you are using iPhone 4S or 5, iPhone 7 will be a great update for you guys. But if you are already having iPhone 6 or 6S or 6S Plus, then there is no major change between it or iPhone 7. I will recommend, if you can hold on at least a year, then wait.


Don’t you trust me? Fine, let me give you the reasons for not upgrading to iPhone 7.

Lack of 3.5 mm headphone jack

Yeah, the iPhone 7 will come with lightning EarPods and an adapter for old headphones, but though it will be more difficult to use your current favorite headphones because who likes carrying adaptors? Even worse, if you lose the adaptor, it costs $9. And let’s just leave out the $150 AirPods. Only a fool will buy one of those.

Most improvements are available if you own 6s or 6s Plus

If you currently own iPhone 6s or 6s Plus, you can easily get improvements of iOS 10 without upgrading. You can use 3D Touch, from notifications on the lock screen and in Control Center. iPhone 6s and 6s plus are having same physical features as the newer phones.

Only the new camera, stereo speakers and water resistance are missing.

No Major improvements in battery

Apple claims that iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Plus comes with longer battery span than the last generations. However, there is no major difference in terms of hours. For, iPhone 7 it is 2-3 hours longer and 1 more hour longer for iPhone 7s.

RAM Capacity

Actually, Apple never reveals the RAM capacity of its devices. According to a report in Forbes says that iPhone 7 is having 2GB of RAM, then there is no change in RAM capacity as iPhone 6s is also having 2Gb RAM capacity.

If storage is the main concern for you, then the feature of 32 GB minimum and new 256 GB option can tantalize you. No older version can compete with the latest addition in terms of performance with its A10 Fusion CPU. All the features get better with the newer version.

But, if you are a long time thinker, then the thing that will come to your mind is – “iPhone 8”. I know we’ll have to wait too long to get that call. iPhone 7 is just the upgraded version of iPhone 6, we can hope that the next version, which will be the 10th anniversary of the original iPhone, will be a major departure. Rumors also say that there are possibilities of edge to edge display and the complete removal of the home button.

If you own an old iPhone which is too slow, then you should upgrade to iPhone 7. But if you own anything above iPhone 5, you should stick to your current phone until the next year, because iPhone 7 is a bummer for what it offers apart from a couple of new features like Camera, new home button and waterproofing.

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