ASUS Zenwatch 2 Review: Powerful Smartwatch at lower price point

The successor to Asus’s first smartwatch: Asus Zenwatch 2 has been out for some time now and recently, we got to spend some time with this smartwatch.

So here’s our review of the Asus Zenwatch 2 Smartwatch.

Looks & Hardware:

Starting with the looks, the Zenwatch 2 looks pretty much like the Zenwatch. It carries the same rectangular shape from its predecessor and has the same feel on the hand.


The smartwatch is well finished and gives a premium feel. However, the thick bezels as compared to the rivals might cause hinderance. An interesting feature about the Zenwatch 2 is that it is now available in two differently sized variants: one with 22mm straps and one with 18mm straps. To add more options for customers to choose from, the strap and the body of the smartwatch are customizable which in turn gives customers 18 combinations to choose from.

The watch also features a button on its side which performs different functions depending on how long your press it for. Asus has also made better with the charging dock of the Zenwatch 2. It is now charged with a magnetic charging cable, giving its charging port a better look that the chunky one on the original Zenwatch.


Talking about the specs, the Zenwatch 2’s smaller variant comes with a 1.45 inch AMOLED display churning out 273 ppi and is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3. The innards of this smartwatch haven’t changed much. It is powered by the Snapdragon 400 chipset clocked at 1.2 GHz paired with 512 MB RAM and 4 GB storage, which seems to have become an industry standard for smartwatches. You also get a built in mic, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi which means you can connect your smartwatch directly to the Wi-Fi and get notifications without having the phone in proximity. The watch is also IP67 rated so it should handle dust and water splashes pretty well. However, we’d suggest submerging it in water for long periods of time.



The Zenwatch 2 will run on Android Wear 6.0 which is nice to hear. With this update and the ZenWatch Manager app, you will not be able to play with your watch’s face and trust us, you’re going to have a lot of options. Another interesting bit about the device is that like most of its rivals, the Zenwatch 2 is now capable of pairing up with both Android and iOS devices. However, there’s a catch, While you can perform a whole lot of functions on pairing the watch with Android devices such as retweeting, sending messages and taking calls, these functions are absent if paired with an iOS device. You’ll be able to view the notifications but not reply to them.

Both the differently sized smartwatches have different batteries to power them. The larger one comes with a 400 mAh powerhouse while the smaller one has to settle with 300 mAh. Both these will last you under 2 days of normal usage.

Final Verdict:

We would highly recommend this smartwatch to all those people who are looking for an powerful smartwatch at an affordable price point.

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