How to create a Mobile App in 12 Simple Steps

In today’s world, if we talk about how technology has made our lives and day to day jobs easier, we cannot ignore the ubiquitous presence of mobile apps in this regard. Every thinkable problem has a solution in form of a mobile app.


I am sure there would have been times when you would’ve wondered if a solution or assistance method you thought of can be implemented in the form of a mobile app but the idea remained an idea because you did not know how and where to begin. So if you have any such idea then now is the time to implement it following the steps we have summarised for you on how to create a mobile app.


Step 1: Identify the problem

The very first step is to clearly identify the problem and the solution you would be building in form of the app. Define the goal of the app clearly stating its usability and purpose. Once you do so, you need to ensure that your idea is unique and if not then how will your app be better than  those already available in the market based on similar ideas.


Step 2: Draw Layouts

Once the solution is in place, its time to conceive the app visually. Draw sketches of the layout of the app. Include menus, sub-menus, buttons and navigation in this.


Step 3: Finalise the features

Once the layout is in place, you will have a clearer idea of what the app will be like. It is now when you can decide from the sketches, which features to include and which ones to be labeled as non-core or not essential at this point of time.


Step 4: Do some research

With the purpose, scope and features of the app are in place, its time to do some market research. Look out for similar apps in the market and define your apps USP. It is also important to estimate your target audience, methods of pulling traffic to your app and define strategies for marketing and monetising.


Step 5: Define technologies and Hire developers

Another important step is to define the technology which you will be using to develop your app. If you aren’t technically sound with it, it is always recommended to hire a suitable developer with expertise and experience.


Step 6: Create Wireframes

This is the main design phase where you design the detailed features and functionalities of your app. A prototype can be built using online tools which will give you a comprehensive idea of the flow of the app, its features, navigation and UI.


Step 7: Test the prototype

Involve friends and colleagues in testing the prototype. You will get recommendations on the working, ease of navigation, features and UI of your app. You can implement the useful ones in your final design.


Step 8: Develop the app and test

Now that you have finalised the features and flow, its time to develop the app. Make sure you include the useful recommendations from the prototype testing. Once the app is built test it thoroughly before it goes into the market for use.


Step 9: Create developer accounts

To release or publish an app, it is essential to have a developer account on app stores. With a nominal yearly fees, you can make accounts on the available app stores like Google Play and Apple store.


Step 10: Release

The development, testing and developer account is in place, so its time to publish your app and release it to the world.


Step 11: Spread the word

The app is published now and requires some marketing. Share the app with friends, family and colleagues and ask for review. You can also take it up with social media and publicise your app. Using guest blogging, pay per view and pay per click  you can route traffic to your app.


Step 12: Feedback and Maintenance

Once the app is out in the market and people have started using it, it is important to read their feedback and implement the suitable features and corrections. Regular releases of bug fixes and enhancements are also important to maintain and increase your customer base.

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