Analyze your logs easily with Logmatic

In today’s digital era, there are a number of softwares with various purposes that help us do various gruesome tasks with ease. One such software that we recently came across is Logmatic.

What is Lomatic?

Logmatic is a log analyzer and a data platform that not only helps you log the changes in your system environment but also lets you make changes to make improvements in your software.


The basic purpose of Logmatic is to monitor a particular software’s usage and efficiency. This can also help various organizations and individuals graph various charts including OS load, request-load balancing, number of users and response time which further enables them to deliver to their clients on time and improve their service.

Once you’ve decided to use Logmatic, setting up the software is just as easy as using it. For starters, you don’t have to install the software on your computer as the whole service is cloud based. All you have to do is integrate your report logs into the platform and then just send the type of logs you want to integrate to the team. will then enable you to convert all the heterogeneous data from your system into more structured data that you can then use to perform better. You can also create your own custom parsing the logging best practices rule or let the service decipher your pattern on its own to combine your data.
One interesting feature of Logmatic is its ability to see your centralized java logging from bird’s eye view. Not only that, you can choose to downgrade the view to see a particular entry in detail in order to get answers when you’re analyzing your log reports and also to solve any misfortunate events as soon as possible.

Logmatic also allows you to note any anomalies in the data by detecting logs that deviate from their usual path. In that case, you will receive the alert immediately via the registered email. You can also choose to receive the emails daily, weekly or monthly. has been around for quite some time now and during this time, it has grown up to support a lot of major brands. Many organizations depend on Logmatic for handling their Java logging analysis and Apache Access which helps them grow and perform better. So if you’ve been looking for a log analyzer that has been tried and tested by big names in various industries, your search ends here.

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