Quick Overview of the Hindware Dreambath App, World’s First Bathroom Visualization App

Well, a great bathroom is something that every family wants and ‘Hindware’ has been at it for decades now. Hindware, the leading brand in bathroom space has always been up to the mark in delivering the right kind of products that you need at your bathroom. Well, they have yet another great product that will certainly help you in making your bathroom just like the one you wanted. A glittering function in Mumbai saw Hindware’s brand Ambassador Shah Rukh Khan, unveil the nextGen Hindware Dreambath app. Hindware has been serving the needs of the people since its inception in the year 1960. The initiative has the purpose of aiding the consumers to know what things they need for their bathroom and exactly how and where to place it.


Hindware Dreambath is the world’s first bathroom realization application. The first of its kinds that actually lets you visualize how you would want your bathroom to look. Hindware Dreambath app is the tool that will render how your bathroom will look with the things that you want to keep there. You can therefore actually see the bathroom before you buy any of the products.


This is not just it. The Dreambath app has more than 20 bathroom themes for you to choose from. In addition, there will be all the products that are a part of Hindware’s gallery of products. The application is not just about the products. The elements used for the application like augmented reality that allows the users to see how the bathroom is going to look with the product before they actually buy the product. The application also uses Virtual Reality to showcase a few exotic themes that are exactly what you wish for.

screenshot_20161129-221636 screenshot_20161129-221641

The Product gallery on show has all the items that you need to make your bathroom look exquisite. The Hindware Dreambath application also allows you to raise queries with the nearest Hindware dealer and the best part being the suggestion that will be available for you in the responses that you get. The application also allows you navigate through the number of Hindware products dealers in your area allowing you to choose what you like.


With the modern day situation that we have with virtual reality and augmented reality, there is no denying the fact that the Hindware Dreambath will help you to the best look on your bathroom. Try imagining the fact that you are using the Dreambath application to visualize how your bathtub should be place, where to place the lights, and what kind of showers you would want. Well, that will certainly take a lot, if you had to just wait and look at the products and try to visualize them.

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There is no doubt of the fact that with the modern day cutting edge technology, our lives are getting easy. But when it comes to planning, there is no such leisure. Well at least the Hindware Dreambath application will help you out planning your bathroom. You can always download the application (Android and iOS) and get yourself going with your bathroom planning with the Dreambath application. Hindware has always been working hard to give their consumers the best product and will continue doing so.

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