Hoverwatch, A Spy App That Makes Your Business More Efficient

Running a business is never an easy task. There are a large number of variables to consider depending on the business. The things that always remain the same in every industry include keeping costs to a minimum and making every process as efficient as possible. This requires a lot of vigilance, discipline and analysis and is achievable over time.

Another aspect of business that is almost inescapable depending on the industry is employees. Managing employees while maintaining or increasing productivity can also be an uphill task. For a long time employers have struggled to rein in notorious employees who use company time and resources for personal purposes thus increasing business costs.

Some have even leaked out important company information to competitors thus jeopardizing business. Methods employed to curb this have been somewhat fruitful but tedious and sometimes take too long thus negating the value of any findings made.

Business owners can take advantage of technology and use various apps available on the market to solve such issues, reduce losses and increase efficiency in the long run. One such app is the Hoverwatch Mobile Tracker. This is a free android spy app for tracking mobile devices  that can have several implications for your business.

  1. Tracking resource utilization

Employers provide certain resources for their workers to complete various projects. Finding out how they are used during the course of a project allows managers to gauge whether the resources provided are the best for the project and whether any adjustments will be required to better improve the resources provided.

It also gives an idea into any wastage that could be occurring and pinpoint the responsible culprit easily without having to disrupt operations.

  1. Amount of time spent on work

Many employees get a little lax when they know that nobody is watching. They can spend less time on projects knowing that there will be no consequences catching up with them. The case is however different when they know someone is tracking their progress. Employees are more likely to stay focused throughout and deliver on time when their activity is constantly being monitored.

Sometimes managers give projects to different individuals in a bid to increase the workforce working on a particular project. Tracking the output of the employees provides a look into the employees’ abilities in relation to the given project. They can easily be left to continue if the output after a given timeline is satisfactory or they can be assigned a different task to make the most of their abilities.

That automatically increases productivity for the business and in the long run impacts the bottom line positively.

  1. Tracking information sent over various channels

Sometimes employees get ambitious or maybe end up getting convinced to trade company secrets for some benefits. It is easy to sneak out such information undetected especially because many documents are kept in soft copy. Transfer can be done using phones or over other devices like tablets and PCs. Losing important company information to competitors or the wrong people can cause irreparable damage or set the company back in huge financial losses. It could also ruin its reputation depending on the information leaked.

Using Hoverwatch keeps such leaks in check and anybody sharing prohibited material is immediately flagged down, thus containing the leak before too much damage occurs.

Hoverwatch is able to turn regular devices into spying gadgets so as to keep business activities in check. It runs on different platforms including Windows PC, Android and Mac OS thus making it compatible with most of the devices used in offices and everyday life. It keeps track of information shared over SMS, MMS, records all voice calls and has access to all media sent and received.

It also monitors videos, messages and images sent over various messenger apps including Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook and Snapchat. It takes a photo using the front camera of an Android device or the webcam on a PC every time the user unlocks the screen thus allowing a view of the surroundings. Even though workers may not have the privilege of removing SIM cards from company devices but in the event that it happens, the app will send a notification about the change and continue tracking the device.

This app remains invisible and undetectable on the target device. This remains the case even if the user of the device knows their way around the device. Managers can keep track of employees discretely and use the information they find to make the appropriate changes to their businesses.

In the long run keeping track of business operations using apps like Hoverwatch helps to align business activities to the company’s goals and improve efficiency so as to utilize the available resources in the most profitable way possible. It is well within a company’s rights to monitor company operations, whether they choose to disclose it to the employees or not. Whichever way you choose to do it, the end result will be worth it.


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