How to Make Money off Your Old Gadgets

When you want to get rid of your old gadgets the first thought which comes into the mind of ours is, throw/burn them out to make an availability of enough space so that other gadgets can replace their place. But such performance would definitely be considered a wastage of some working appliances. So, I have some other methods to execute our actions to the right directions.

The methods can be enlisted by following the priority wise list and are mentioned below;

  • Sell them using different reliable online Web Portals and add some more money to have the latest technology
  • Donate them to the people whose are willing to have them but don’t have that much potential in terms of money to afford newer ones
  • Use them as helper of the latest apparatuses if it can be

Let’s see what are the gadgets that you might have been using in your daily life and configure what else you can do with these if not currently being exploited.


The mouse is a stable part of a PC. You can’t go without it. If we are the gamer then we are more interested in having a fully functional mouse and for this reason, we keep on exchanging the currently being used one to the latest one which will take our gaming expertise to the whole new level.

“Different types of computer mice are available in the labor market using different technologies, for example, ball, optical, laser, and wireless mouse”.

But here is the question that may arise in the mind of ours and that is what to do with our older versions once we are updated to the newer? The answer is very simple, open up your, or account and write its specification, upload its different angled pictures and add about the status whether working or not. Definitely, you will receive an acknowledgment after some processing days, the deal would be done and here you have money in your account.

But is that only operation you can apply on your older mouse? So, don’t worry, if you are a gamer and want to play Taken 3 game then the old mouse can be used for your rival player.


I have a very simple way to proceed and get the point that what is the router which is like, A router connects networks or in terms of internet a router is a device or a software on a computer which flies the packets in the best pattern to reach its destination.

But we are not focusing on what they are, our concern is what to do with the old one when it is no more in use, so, you have two main choices either you can sell them or make use of them as the repeaters. The firstly described is one step away go and sell by using some online facility or nearby shop which is constructed to buy the old gadgets. Secondly highlighted is pretty much fascinating as most of us are not familiar with it which is, use them as the extenders. When you will operate them as the extenders you have to check the supportability which means whether these can be turned into a repeater or not. If it can be then you can connect to the wifi from the larger distance with well-received signaling strength.


The solitary person wishes to be among the sounding appliances when he has nothing to do because at that time the best companion might be music.

What if you have a hostilized kind of situation and you have your roommates, at the very occasion, you will wish to have noise-canceling, a distortion-free set of headphones so that others can do their job without any kind of inconvenience. Yes, I have a suggestion for you to go for recommended list of Cheap Earbuds under 50 from which are equally balanced for your credit and quality meeting gadgets in terms of sound and comfort ability.

If you want to sell the older ones, simply sell them or donate them to earn inner happiness of yours.


Let’s have some final conversation about the article. We have written this to help the people whose are unfamiliar to make money off their antiquated gadgets. We tried hard to uncover all the facts to sell or make other usages of your old machines but still if you have further plus utilizations of the above-referenced gadgets in your minds, you must inform us by using the below comment section.


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