WiFi Router VS Mesh Networking – Which one is better for you?

Traditional wifi router or a Mesh networking kit?

This is a question you probably ask yourself from quite a time. It’s because this is the first question that’ll come to your mind while you’re setting up or upgrading your wifi network.

In this post, you’ll learn about both technologies, pros/cons of both of them and which one you should install in your home/small office.

Traditional Wireless Router

WiFi router, as we all know, is the single most important device in a wifi network. This device serves the internet connection to all of your devices in your house, without using any cord. There are different types of routers based on what frequency band type and what wifi standard they support, but we’ll not discuss this here because it’s out of scope for this article.

Mesh Network

Traditional wifi router has some minor flaws. I would like to call them limitations. One of these limitations is their range. Although, there are some wifi routers that can cover an area of 4500 sq. ft, some of us have a house larger than this. Even if you don’t have a large house, there are some chances are that your house can be in a weird shaped which makes it impossible for a single router to cover this type of area.

Another thing about a traditional wifi network is that it can break down easily and some of us don’t like to improve this network manually. If you’re one of those, I have a thing for you. A mesh wifi network.

Technically, a mesh wifi network also consists of a router. 3 or 4 of them actually. Each of these routers can “communicate” with all the other routers of a mesh wifi network.

Advantages of a Mesh WiFi Network

One advantage, this network gives you is that you can place its routers in different remote areas of your house and these routers will make sure that your whole house is covered.

One other thing is maintenance, you can set up a typical mesh wifi network in 10-minutes using your smartphone. The same cannot be said about traditional wi-fi routers.

Disadvantages of a Mesh wifi networks.

One biggest disadvantage of a mesh wifi network is its price. A typical mesh network would cost you more than 350 bucks. You can boost your wifi signal even with a router and a single wifi extender.

Moreover, you can’t do as much customization as you would in a traditional wifi router.


So now as you know about pros and cons of mesh networking, you should be able to judge which one is better to your home wifi network: traditional router system or a mesh networking kit.

If you have any suggestion then let me know in comments.


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