Four Essential Features of an Online Shopping Cart

To earn a positive reputation with customers, an online store must have a website that is visually pleasing and easy to use. Today, most savvy shoppers expect to choose and purchase the items they want without needless delay. Setting up a secure online shopping cart must be a priority for a business owner who wants his or her business to flourish. Checkout four features to look for in a customer-friendly online shopping cart for your business.

Order Editing Made Easy

Top quality online shopping carts allow customers to edit their list of chosen items at any point before submitting their final order. For instance, an individual shopping for dog collars in an online pet store may decide he wants to change the color of the collar in his virtual cart from blue to red. He should be able to review the contents of his online cart and quickly change the color choice. In short, the editing feature in a shopping cart should be easy to utilize and cause no errors in the checkout process.

A Simple Way to Enter Promo Codes

There are many online stores that run promotions allowing customers to receive free shipping or a percentage off their total purchase. To take advantage of these promotions, a customer must enter a promo code during checkout. The best virtual shopping carts make it clear where and when customers may enter a promo code to receive their discount. Since many of today’s online shoppers use promo codes, it is beneficial for a store owner to make entering one a simple process.

Clear Information Regarding Shipping

Another feature to look for in a top-notch virtual shopping cart is the clear, concise delivery of shipping information. Customers must be able to view shipping rates and find out how long it will take to receive their order. Plus, most online shoppers want to know the method of delivery. All this data should be accessible to customers during checkout.

The Ability to Cancel or Suspend an Order

There are times when a customer rethinks an order and decides to cancel it. The online shopping cart you choose for your business should be able to cancel a customer’s order without any trouble. Or, sometimes customers fill their online shopping cart only to abandon it or suspend the order at the last moment. This happens for many reasons. Perhaps the customer wants to think about the items before clicking the submit order button. Or, maybe the customer wants to compare a price on an item in the shopping cart to make sure she’s found the best deal. An online shopping cart should allow a customer to suspend an order without deleting all of the items in the cart. There is a good chance that the customer will return to the store and the online shopping cart. If the person finds her items there, she is likely to complete the ordering process.

Since there are so many online stores competing for business today it’s beneficial for an owner to get the best online shopping cart available. The easier the ordering process is for a customer, the more likely he or she is to return to the store to make another purchase.

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