Are You Using LED Flood Lights Correctly?

By now everyone knows about LED luminaires and how these diodes are changing the face of the lighting industry. A rapidly advancing technology, light-emitting diodes use energy efficiently and have numerous benefits when compared to the conventional lighting solutions. These solid-state devices comprise of small and powerful sources of light which illuminate when electrons pass through the semiconducting materials.

Flood lights being incredibly powerful, emanate a broad beam of light and are used to provide an immense amount of non-natural light to any area. They are termed as flood lights because they actually flood a space with light.

In addition to being energy efficient, LED flood lights also boast a much higher lumen per watt output. They are employed for various objectives and make up for a range of lighting techniques. With a range of available options like lumen outputs, size, and shapes; LED flood lights make up for popular use-cases like security lighting, landscape lighting, façade lighting, column lighting and more. To get the maximum out of flood lights, it is imperative to employ them correctly. Just because they are brighter and more energy-efficient, it does not guarantee maximum illumination if not used properly.

Whether you are using LED flood lights for your office building, or for lighting landscapes, or a construction site, here are potential ways you might be using flood lights in a wrong way.


Faulty Installation of Flood Lights – Coverage

Following a design principle is important. Flood lights are set up to light a particular area, and the best way to ensure you get maximum coverage is to make sure lights overlap each other to illuminate the entire area. If dark patches are encountered, they can be rectified by shifting the angle of lights. However, placing them too close to each other will result in glare and wastage of light. The idea here is to illuminate the area uniformly, without leaving any bright or dark spots. It is imperative to flood the area with evenly distributed light so that security cameras can function properly and people do not face unnecessary glare while working.

Pair with Motion Sensors – Automate

One of the game-changing innovation in LED technology is that they can be automated and controlled remotely. Occupancy sensors, when paired with LED lights, can detect absence and presence which can turn lights off and on respectively. Flood lights can be automated, in areas like parking lots and manufacturing facilities to save energy and provide illumination only when required. This will curb energy wastage to a significant extent. Since industries need optimum lighting without increasing their operating cost, LED flood lights can help them reap such benefits.


Choose Adequate Lumens – Brightness

Brighter isn’t always better. It is important not to overkill the area with high wattage LED flood lights. Select the wattage and lumen output as per your requirement. For example, if you are using LED flood lights to light up the landscape, but they are bright enough to land a commercial airplane, then maybe it is time to reconsider the lumen output. LED Flood Lights like the Alpha LED | LF19 by Wipro is ideal for area lighting purposes like landscapes, façades, and columns. With a versatile and modern design, it can be used for a broad range of mounting heights depending on the location and light. The highly efficient and specially designed optical grade PC reflector ensures better light distribution for flood lighting purposes.

Choose the Right Technique – Aesthetics

Mounting a flood light is simple, and you may drill it as per your requirement. However, when illuminating landscapes, numerous lighting techniques come into play. Add more dynamics to the area by using techniques like moonlighting, wall-washing, silhouetting and more.

Weatherproof – Durable

It is imperative for flood lights to be weatherproof and stand the test of time. A poorly designed floodlight can get damaged easily and even risk an electric shock. Since LED flood lights are used for outdoor lighting purposes, they must be sturdy and durable. When buying a flood light, check for the Ingress Protection (IP) Rating. It classifies the degree of protection provided against the intrusion of solid objects, dust, water, accidental contact in electrical enclosures. LED Flood Lights like Alpha LED Floodlight by Wipro is designed with toughened glass with silicon gaskets for IP66 protection. With IP66 protection, the flood light is protected from total dust ingress and high-pressure water jets from any direction. Construction sites and manufacturing facilities must use durable flood lights that are unaffected by weather and temperature changes.

In addition to being energy efficient, LED flood lights have a high lumen per watt output. LED Floodlights are used for a range of purposes and are perfect for illuminating outdoors. These solid-state devices are free from hazardous chemicals like lead, mercury, and glass which makes them safe for the environment.

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