2 Crucial Things You Should Look for in a CMMS Software

Maintenance managers are part of the workforce, who are responsible for keeping a facility running without issues. They are of utmost importance to any operation; their actual duties might vary in scope based on the scale and activities of a facility they are part of. In general, maintenance managers take care of the installation, repair and upkeep of the property, including the machinery in the facility. A maintenance managers’ routine involves around things as mundane as replacing light bulbs to as essential as making sure that a critical equipment is kept in top notch condition throughout the operation. Since many businesses depend on uninterrupted operations, the importance of maintenance managers are on the increase to keep the facility running in the most efficient and cost effective way.

With that in mind, a good number of maintenance managers are choosing CMMS, abbreviated as Computerized Maintenance Management Software systems to help them out with their operations. This automated software is carefully designed from the ground up to streamline maintenance management to a large extent by making use of cloud based interfaces and integrating the information flow with mobile devices through apps. Since it’s computerized, it reduces paperwork. With the help of a maintenance management system, maintenance managers will be able to stay on top of work orders and can generate accurate reports on the go. They can also determine whether their assets are required for preventive maintenance. This tool helps save a lot of time for maintenance managers and when used properly, it will help in extending the lifespan of equipment and will help in reducing costs and increasing profits.
The two major things to consider while choosing a CMMS solution for your organisation are:

#1 User Friendliness

Computerised maintenance management software solutions should be designed from the ground up to be user friendly without the need for any technical experience required of its users. The seamless transition through an intuitive user interface will help in the maximum adaptation of the system throughout your facility. Once you’ve setup the system by entering the facility’s data, you should be able to use the software just like any other smartphone app.


You should be able to access all the information and feed in data in a matter of few clicks and slides. A good number of CMMS solutions come with very intuitive interfaces and have a simple learning curve. A CMMS software with a mobile counterpart will free you from locational constraints and will enable you to work from anywhere with the help of smartphones. Mobile apps can be used to generate work orders, pull up reports, upload or view images and check on preventative work schedules.


The software will automatically sync data across devices to a centralised cloud framework, thus eliminating the need to manually update new data.

#2 Integration with Other Software Solutions


One major reason for using computerised maintenance management software is for their ability to work in tandem with other software systems. Examples include applications for barcoding and image uploading, which makes use of the camera module on your mobile devices and auto sync the data entered from devices. When computerised maintenance management systems are able to work seamlessly with other softwares you use in your business, they will be able to improve the bottomline of your business by adding more value and increasing the efficiency of your operations.

These days, businesses are constantly being improved due to various parameters. To maximize revenue, you should find efficient ways to run your business. In that, maintenance managers play a pivotal role when they can use computerized maintenance management software systems to improve the bottom line of the businesses by keeping equipment and assets in prime condition and reducing downtimes.

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