6 Things You Should Know As a Web Developer That Will Blow Your Mind

Web development has significantly changed over the past few years. Today, developers need to know that they need to be more than coding champs. We are in a digital era, and people are expecting a lot from them. This is why they need to up their game and eliminate the know-it-all attitude.

Since you are a modern web developer, you believe that you know everything about the industry, huh? Web development in the 21st century encompasses many things. Therefore, knowing everything inside out can be quite challenging.


Of course, you understand how to optimize codes, parse XML, use backups MYSQL, and do a host of other things you learned in school. However, modern web development has more than meets the eye.

Below are some things you will not find in books, but you need to know them as a modern web developer:

Programming competency and technological skill is a must!

This might seem obvious, but keeping yourself updated on everything to do with JavaScript, HTML, and other programming languages is not an option. It is something that should be at the top of your must-do list.

Having a working knowledge of code is the best arsenal you can have as a modern web developer. But this is not enough. You need to keep abreast of changes in technology. As a digital expert, people have lots of expectations in you; they believe that you know everything about technology, and you can develop websites that meet their needs. Do not let them down. Have a curious mind, and know how every web-based technology works.

Practice, practice makes perfect

With the competition in the web development sector, it is hard to penetrate if you do not have the necessary expertise.

Do not think that just because you made an excellent website for one client and he took delight in it you are now the most celebrated web developer in town. For a fact, the market is flooded, and people will never lack a replacement if you do not do a good job for them.

Therefore, do a lot of practice. Even if you are not doing website work for a client, keep practicing. Read different sources online, watch YouTube videos, join webinars, and make sure you practice everything g you learn. Ultimately, you will reap big from your hard work and determination.

A modern web developer should know how to fix websites

Apart from learning how to build websites, web developers should know how to repair existing ones when they break. Bug fixing is a significant role in web development that cannot be ignored. In case you did not learn how to do it, it is now or never. Learn to do it fast and correctly, or else you will be treated like an old-fashioned developer with too little to offer.

Learn the best SEO tactics

Search engine optimization is part of modern web development. Though  is mostly used by online marketers and SEO marketers mostly use it, understanding it as a web developer can go a long mile in making you a market leader.

Make sure you can use SEO friendly sitemaps, tools, and URLs.


Always test your site before releasing it

Whether you are constructing a website for yourself or your client, it is essential for you to check it yourself. If you hastily release it, you might realize sooner or later that all your target audience view are bugs that draw them away from your site.

Before you release a site for consumption, check all technical details and fix any problems you find. Then, ensure the site is compatible with all browsers and can be viewed from mobile devices.

Marketing yourself is a must

Successful webmasters market their services. Unlike in the past where there were only a handful of web developers, today there are thousands of them. Also, with different web design tools that are easy to use, people don’t need to code to develop a website. Therefore, need to show the world that you can do more than developing a site. Understand different digital marketing tools and know how to use them to your advantage. Create a website for yourself, and create great content that explains to your prospective clients what you do, and why they should consider you for web development solutions.

Finally, you need to know how to protect websites from hackers. Understand all the security concerns in the modern digital space, and develop an action plan which will help you curb them efficiently.


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