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Chef Michael Swamy gives a healthy spin to dishes and coolers with Panasonic microwave and refrigerator

With the ever growing, trending and much needed attention to a healthy lifestyle, Panasonic today, showcased its prowess in the ‘Intelligent Home Appliances’ range comprising of refrigerator, washing machine and microwave oven , through an interactive masterclass. Panasonic, exclusively for the event, brought India’s very own food media specialist and food stylist, Chef Michael Swamy to exhibit his renowned culinary skills at the #PanasonicMasterclass. Discovering the secret of creating a happy combination of food which delights the taste buds, and is healthy to eat, Chef Michael prepared scrumptious dishes with zero oil and rejuvenating mocktails using Panasonic’s latest range of intelligent microwaves and refrigerators. The masterclass also showcased how Panasonic washing machines with stain master plus technology is adept at removing all common food stains from curry, gravy, ketchup and other sauces.

Mr Gaurav Minocha, Home Appliances Head, Panasonic India said, “With the ever-changing lifestyle of people, the consumers are looking for solutions to make their life easier and more convenient. Panasonic has always been a frontrunner when it comes to innovation and technology. Our extensive research on consumer needs and behaviours help us identify gaps in consumer experience and focus on coming up with relevant solutions to address the gaps, by introducing intelligent appliances and home solutions such as  refrigerator and washing machine.”

Mr. Syed Alvi, Microwave and Small Appliances Head, Panasonic India said, “People are tired of losing the battle between their waist line and ever demanding taste buds. They try different solutions and appliances to fill the gaps but end up spending more time, money, energy, and definitely consume more calories. With Panasonic microwave and small appliances range, we provide end-to-end kitchen solutions, which will not only help them to make their life easier, but also cook healthy with our technology and features such as Zero Oil.”

Sharing his excitement at the Master Class, Chef Michael Swamy said, “Everyone prefers wholesome eating without compromising on taste, but the key to healthy eating is low calorie and low cholesterol foods. Additionally, to combat some of today’s most hazardous lifestyle diseases, it becomes even more imperative to adopt healthy cooking solutions which allow us to cook, bake and grill with ‘zero oil’, and retain the freshness & nutrients. It is important for consumers to select home appliances addressing these needs. The fact that today people can use Panasonic intelligent home appliances to cook healthy and quick meals, and packed with features that preserve freshness and nutrition for a long time.

Hasselback Potatoes with Salad made by Chef Michael Swamy at the event

“It has been an absolute pleasure to conduct the Panasonic Masterclass, I was impressed by the emphasis laid on technology and innovation. I compliment the Panasonic team for their commitment to introduce, research based smart home appliances.” he added.

The master class showcased the ability and zeal to develop technology that’ll help users choose from an even wider range of Intelligent Home Appliances and features including Microwave, Refrigerator and Washing Machine.

Health & delight! All under one lid with Panasonic microwave and Zero Oil cooking

The thought of cooking without oil can be a little mind-bending, but with Panasonic Microwave’s Zero Oil technology, delectable dishes with zero oil are now a guilt free reality. Breaking the common hearsay – zero oil cooking means boiled and bland food, the microwave range has a pre-programmed Zero Oil recipe menu including popular Indian & International recipes that are easy to make and delight the palate. Michael Swamy prepared lip-smacking warm chocolate mousse & grilled peach salad, hasselback potatoes and baked stuff chicken with salad during the masterclass, without using a single drop of ghee, oil or butter.

Baked Stuffed Chicken made by Chef Michael Swamy at the event

The microwave range promises to offer everyday convenience, with added advantages like 360 degree Heat Wrap for uniform cooking; Magic Grill for faster grill retaining moisture juices & nutrients; and Vapor Clean for hassle-free and easy cleaning. Available in various colours & design, and Stainless Steel, there is a Panasonic microwave to fit every Indian kitchen.

Redefine freshness and ensure efficiency with Panasonic Refrigerators!

Ensuring ideal temperature and humidity control, Panasonic’s refrigerator vows to keep your food healthy, nutrient-rich and fresh. The range is equipped with an Intelligent invertor & ECONAVI technology that adjusts its operations as per the user household requirement, to ensure optimal cooling & energy savings. Equipped with AG Clean technology, it also helps retain freshness by removing 99.9% of bacteria. The range has been customized for Indian households, to offer the biggest vegetable case. The Surround Airflow cooling system allows airflow to softly wrap each of the food items and cool them evenly. Chef Michael prepared smoothies and a salad using the fresh ingredients stored in the refrigerator.

Fight stubborn stains and keep your clothes safe from bacteria with Panasonic Stain Master Plus Washing Machine

From working mothers, to stay-at-home moms and even singletons, everyone battles with dirty laundry and if they are additional food stains, it adds to the agony.

To help tackle a Woman’s worst enemy, dirt and concentrated curry & sauce stains, Panasonic introduced their Panasonic Stain Master Plus series. Powered by ‘Active Foam Technology’, the series uses Foam to remove stubborn stains such as Mud, Sweat, Sauce, Curries and difficult to clean areas like Cuffs & Collars, at a press of a button. Additionally, the bacteria elimination feature in Stain Master plus Models, soaks and washes clothes in hot detergent solution to eliminate common Bacteria like E-Coli & Staphylococcus for an extra hygienic wash. Panasonic’s team demonstrated the removal of 99.9% of bacteria from the clothes with help of a glow t-shirt experiment.

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