5 reasons SMBs are adopting the cloud to build applications

As newer businesses emerge in the SMB segment, one can’t help but notice their choice of web hosting that has more to do with storing huge amount of data and accessing the same from multiple touch points. This is largely because of the demand for employees and organizations to increase productivity when it comes to building applications. Since cloud hosting perfectly fits the bill when it comes to speed, data storage and collaboration, it has become the go-to service for many SMBs to host apps. To put it in a nutshell, the cloud hosting service has gained momentum, thanks to small-medium businesses. Let’s see why:

1. Improved prodcutivity
SMBs have adopted cloud since it serves as an excellent tool for collaboration. If we were to define collaboration explicitly in terms of work, then it would mean empowering all the stakeholders in contributing to the task at hand by continuously improving work processes. A key aspect of the cloud is that it drives employees to be more productive and also enables access anytime and anywhere. Since the number of employees becoming mobile on the job are increasing, small medium and large organizations are adopting cross-functional techniques to up their productivity. Hence, the cloud is deployed as a tool to over-arch these evolving needs.

2. Huge deal-breaker costwise
SMBs prefer saving on the resources that they buy because it is seen as a profit of sorts. Cloud hosting service has given businesses this advantage, that too at rates that are quite conservative. Since it hardly causes a dent for small and medium enterprises along with startups, the business from these sectors blindly take these cloud hosting services. Moreover, even if these businesses are looking to scale and upgrade their services, the amount that is charged by providers fits well within their budget. So it becomes easy for cloud hosting service providers to retain their customers because they provide customers with options to scale their requirements.


  1. Net positive effect on profits
    One of the major advantages cloud hosting has provided small-medium business is that it has enabled them to sell services via cloud environments to multiple markets. Organizations can push their products and services on shared platforms on the cloud where buyers and sellers can engage. This engagement can lead to sales and in-turn profits for organizations who have availed cloud hosting. However, this doesn’t mean that cloud hosting is the only safe and secure way to make profits. But one can say that cloud hosting service has definitely served as a channel for businesses when it comes to pushing and driving sales.4. Hardware and device compatibility
    Cloud hosting is a device agnostic service which makes it bereft of compatibility issues. One of the biggest reasons behind the popularity of cloud hosting service is that you can operate cloud services on most of the devices. If you have an issue with your local hardware and for some reason unable to access important files from that device, then by deploying the cloud, you can jump ship and board a new device to start where you left off in seconds. This will avoid wastage of time and also monetary expenses in the long run.
  2. Quick recovery of data
    In addition to the benefits mentioned above, a cloud hosting service enables you to recover lost data in times of crisis. One of the major reasons, SMBs turn to the cloud is because of the unpredictability posed by geographies. This ends up with businesses facing lots of weather and climatic problems. It is observed that these problems occur in the rainy seasons or because of natural calamities like tremors/earthquakes. Deploying cloud hosting has allowed organizations to keep their business continuity in place.

We would like to add that cloud hosting service has allowed businesses to scale applications quickly by leveraging virtual machines. Hope that you have understood how cloud hosting service can benefit you and why SMBs are choosing it today. We urge you to take these points into consideration if you wish to migrate to a new web hosting service or are buying your first one.

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