Call for Code 2019 Global Coding Challenge for Developers – Win upto $200K Cash Prize.

Call for Code is back in 2019, founded by David Clark Cause alongside founding partner IBM. Media refer to this event as “The Nobel Prize for Developers”

What is #CallForCode?

Call for Code is a global campaign started by the founder David Clark Cause and IBM has committed its association for 5 years with the brand. It’s a platform for developers to use their developing skills of the latest technologies in the industry to create a long lasting change across the world. This is the second annual Call for Code challenge where in the theme of the challenge is a natural disaster preparedness and relief in the context of community health and well-being.

IBM also hosted some of the greatest Code City challenges in the year 2018 at some of the best locations around the world, including London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Bengaluru, Delhi, Dubai, San Paulo, Kerala, Bayamon, Tel Aviv, New York and San Francisco. We are expecting a similar structure this year too.

Why should developers participate in this challenge?

In 2018, Call for Code project was utilizing LoRa deployed Project OWL in real life. In this project their floating rubber ducks with hardware inside made a networked cluster which was then used to cover a large geographical area. There was a great satisfaction in knowing that the winner project is deployed with the help from organizers.

This Call for Code is a wonderful challenge for the developers to work and test on their own ideas and alongside increasing their experience on the same.

The Call for Code was established for developers to build high quality and effective applications which are dependent on cloud, data and artificial intelligence. This will result in giving a long lasting effect on the humanitarian problems which includes natural disasters like floods, earthquake and many more. Call for Code is basically made to build a great community of developers who are solving real life problems.

It takes a lot of developers and experts into business analyst, data scientists etc to create such solutions which will help in the later stage for being prepared for any kind of natural disaster.

The Call for Code 2019 competition is helping all the developers to become aware of the highlights on individual and community health and well being.


We saw a bunch of potential ideas which were mentioned on the Call for Code 2019 website-

  • Alerting pharmacies to increase their stocks of antibiotics, insulin, bottled water, and vaccines based on predicted weather-related disruptions.
  • Employing analytics to predict the impact of disasters and educate communities on how to prepare for impending threats.
  • Using visual recognition to assess the impact of a disaster and accelerate response, reducing time to build back better.
  • Improving the efficiency, accountability, and resiliency of supply chains through blockchain technology.
  • Identifying and aiding people with reduced or restricted mobility who require special assistance (disabled, hospitalized, elderly, confined).

How is the Call for Code Competition helpful?

Well there is no tech today which can predict earthquakes or any other natural disaster in the world. But there are people who can prevent and prepare for any type of disaster. Sometimes we don’t have much information on how we can save ourselves but there are scientists who give out their own life just to give the best products to the world.

IBM Call for Code is basically giving a chance to developers to solve natural problems occurring in the world. This will help individuals to know how they can trace or even how they can be prepared for any natural disaster coming their way.

Who all can participate in Call for Code 2019?

All the technology developers, College students who are budding developers and IBM Volunteers are free to join this competition. They are the ones who are reliable when it comes to coding languages and other technologies like AI, Block Chain, Data Science, IoT etc.

For College students, this competition is going to help them enhance their skills in building the coding skills alongside the community. Apart from this the IBM Volunteers can also take part in this to help execute some volunteering projects etc.

Other details about the challenge:-

The last date for this is 29th July 2019 and you can register for it on their official website. Developers can make their own team of no more than 5 individuals. A developer can also find other team mates through IBM Coder community.

Now if you wish to enter the Call for Code 2019 Challenge Competition, the team leader needs to have the following information below to submit their solution:

  1.        Name for your team or the solution in a few words (Submission Name)
  2.        Your team’s short description is necessary
  3.        Need a good description about the solution of what is to be built, what problem will it be solving and why would it matter. Make sure the description is long enough to be understood.
  4.        Need to mention about how mature is your solution submission and where does the developer intend to take it from here.
  5.        You can mention your link to GitHub or any other source code repository.
  6.        Your team can mention the additional descriptions and diagrams to explain it clearly
  7.        The team should upload a quick 3 min video where you can record a demo of your submission and upload it on youtube or other streaming online sites like Vimeo
  8.        List down all the IBM Cloud Services or IBM Systems used in the solution.You can join the challenge community online to get an IBM Cloud Account to proceed.
  9.        The team needs to mention email addresses of up to 4 additional team members. An Individual developer can only be a part of one team of up to 5 members and one team can only submit one application
  10. All the submitted projects should come under the Apache 2 License which is a free software license.

The team leader who will submit the solution will be receiving an email from the company, for confirming the submission details


Call for Code is a global initiative which in 2018 has caught serious attention in social media amongst developers, and now it would be even more this year. Looking forward to connecting with all budding and experienced developers in and around India and abroad.


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