Call for Code Challenge 2020: Tackling Climate Change

Climate Change is the most important issue that the world is facing at the moment which has resulted in consumption of fossil fuels; Petrol, Diesel etc, deforestation, mining and consumption of electricity. Effects of these things have come upon us and the ecosystems around the world.

Call for Code 2020 is a multi year challenge for developers, a campaign created by IBM and David Clark Cause, in partnership with United Nations Human Rights and the linux foundation to solve the most scathing worldly issues. The Call for Code Global Challenge aims to solve the climate change problem that the world is facing in this current time hence it asks developers, scientists and technologist people around the world to take part in it and make some efficient solution for it.

Call for Code Global Challenge- Climate Change

Climate Change certainly lowers the quality of life as it threatens people and the economies around the globe in different ways, and it shall increase vulnerability which would eventually lower the accessibility of a lot of services. A study from the United nations says that the Earth is going towards the environmental tipping points from which it would be difficult to return back.

The Climate Change Challenge categories are as follows:

Water Sustainability
This starter kit of water sustainability in the climate change category offers some information about how water could help reverse the effect of climate change and how it could also lessen the effect of greenhouse gases. Developers can use technologies like AI, Data analytics and IoT to address the issues regarding global climate change

Energy Sustainability

This kit would provide information on how consumption of energy could lead to globalk climate change and with this kit one could develop a solution to reduce this effect on the environment.

Disaster Resilient

With this kit developers can develop an AI based application that could help the society become more resilient to any kind of climate change disaster.

How to participate in the Call for Code Challenge?

It is a pretty simple process for anyone to apply for the Call for Code 2020 challenge. One just has to go on IBM’s website and create a free account. Enter all the details like Name, Password, Email address etc and then verify your email address by clicking on the verification link sent to your respective email address. Once this is done your email address would become your IBMid.

After this your registration is completed and you can participate in the Call for Code 2020 challenge.

Product ideas for Climate Change

Nowadays everything around the globe is unpredictable and so no one knows what could happen next. Economies around the world have been affected due to COVID-19 and so it has affected the healthcare system as well. There isn’t any technology yet through which one can predict such natural disasters but the developers can do wonders by making this happen with this Call for Code Challenge 2020. 

IBM as a company makes it easy for developers around the globe to make such solution through various tutorials on their website and also the starter kits that would help them to make the solution on this. Developers can also connect with other like minded individuals around the world through forums or the stack platform by IBM that would help them to get even better results and so more chances of winning the award which is of $200K

Winning Prize

Developers can submit their solutions by 31st july and once the contest finishes there would be one team that will be selected as the winner of the Call for Code 2020 Challenge and will be getting a $200K Grand cash prize along with invitation to the global announcement program with support from Linux foundation, mentorship and implementation support along with interviews with investors for future perspectives.

Apart from this, there would be 4 runner up teams, first two would get $25K ech and rest 2 would get $10K USD along with invitation to the global announcement program to all four of the teams. Not just this there would be a university prize too which would get students $10K USD which could be dispersed equally between the group members.

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