Remove Startup applications to make your booting faster up to 70%

Though there is tons of software for Windows 95 to 8 to optimize start up apps. Generally, startup applications are the main reason for heightening the time interval between pressing the main power switch and getting a complete open Windows.

There may be so many reasons for this increasing but in my view there are two different reasons. The first one is, you have to install games, software after contemplating your RAM as well as processor and the second one is the major topic of this article. That is, you have to remove Startup apps as enough as possible.We know that Windows 8 is too much faster than any other Windows operating system that is launched by Microsoft. The booting time of Windows 8 is 200mms. This is impossible to do something during this inconsequential time. Anyway, you can also use this trick on your Windows 8 PC when this is for Windows 7 that sometime takes a long time to boot.

But whenever you will go to take away any of your existed startup app, you must have to examine that tool. The following things must have to be deliberated by you during eliminating.

Things to check before removing:-

  • Time – When you have installed it.
  • Purpose – Which for you have installed it.
  • What are you doing with this.
  • Is this built-in or additional.

However, the deal with startup apps is very much helpful and not so time spender. You can remove one by one all you startup tools without taking the help of any third party tool. Yes! You can do it with the help of one built-in feature.

How to remove startup applications to make your booting faster?

Open your run prompt and type and hit enter.

Go to Startup tab from the top most menu bar. Here are all of your startup apps.

Remove Startup applications to make your booting faster

Uncheck one by one and click Apply and Ok.

That’s all! Now your turn to speed up your booting within seconds.

How much speed you are now getting? Let us know.

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