4 writing types that bring more visitors

You can get more page views, more hits etc by making use of these following tips and tricks. Generally, this is not on your hand to force some people to read your blog every

day. But you can do something so that every people rush at your blog.

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But do you know what those tips and tricks are? I think this is very critical to come to know about your visitor fascination. Naturally, only quality articles cannot allure readers for any blog (according to me). You also have to change some writing skills right now to get visitor instantly.

Here are some writing types:-

These writing types are some vindicated ways to get more visitors, comments and so on.

List article

Generally, list articles are very much helpful for any kind of blogs.

For instance,

4 tactics that must use to increase your page views

7 ways to make money from blogging


People love anything to do faster. If you write such kinds of articles, any of your visitors think that he/she can complete that article faster than ever before.

Debatable post:

These types of posts engage readers for spending more time on your blog. But be aware; don’t write anything that is harmful for your society. You can get more shares and comments for these posts.

Embed video and mention it

Add a small but informative video to your post. And do you know how to mention it? For example,

Earn more with Google Custom Channel [Video Tutorial]

But, you have to create your own channel as own video for this. Don’t add any copyrighted video.

How to articles

How to articles are the most recommended type among all. It will be the best if you can write something by following the below tactic.

How to write (Do something) a complete SEO friendly post (Subject) in 5 steps (List)

I think these tips will be useful for your blog. if you have any other idea, let us know via comment.

There are also so many tricks to get more visitors, you can check them out from the below list.

Feel Free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.
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