Zoom image in when you hover your mouse over image

And I think this little review will be an example of that. Here is some small words about a WordPress plugin that will assist you to zoom image in when you hover mouse over image. This is very easy to install and activate as you can find it within WordPress Plugin directory.

Generally, every blogger embeds images to their post to give a extra and attractive look to their articles. This technique helps any kind of blogger very much. But if you add only images, your picture may be stolen. That’s why you must have to enter an alt-tag to your pictures. This tactic will also help you to make an image SEO friendly.

Sometime this is Ok to give link to your images but most of times, it looks quite bad. So, if you want to make an image un-clickable, you can also do so. However, when we are talking about only images, what happens if you make an image that can be zoomed from any particular part? I think, it will look something creative and also striking.

So let’s check out this simple plugin that is called Image Zoomer. You can give the facility to zoom your images to your readers.

Whenever, they will place their mouse over your images, a small/large square will be appeared. After that the zoom will looking through till then when he/she will not move their mouse from over the picture.

By default, the zoom is set to only 2x when you can scope it up to 10x. Try it. It’s simple and easy to use.

Download Image Zoomer from here.

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