5 Reasons for that your system crashes

It is a huge problem for everyone. Every people like you and me can face this crux at every time. This is too much harmful for you if you are doing something momentous and also you have not so enough time to on your hand. But if you follow the following tips, you can come over your system crashing, the great fault of every machine.

Before a few days, I have faced this problem when I was paying my electricity bill and due to some reason my entire filled up form was go down. That was really a memorable day for me. That’s why I am talking about this. This problem may be happened with you.

OS is not genuine:


Is your operating system genuine? Have you ever squared this or not? There are a few people who are using any operating system downloading from various torrent sites. It’s not good for any high quality machine. If your system is not genuine and you are using internet from your PC, you will get a warning that will say you about your software counterfeiting.

Barbarous Registry and Group Policy Editor:

Some new tech bloggers face this problem now and then. As they don’t turn back their Registry change what they have made for showing any trick, within a few days. Generally, Registry and Group Policy editor are very penetrating feature for Windows operating system. If you have been changing continuously, you system may be fall in crash within a few weeks.

Wrong software or unregistered software:

Sometime you can find an alert from a particular software publisher about your system compatibility. If your system is not reconcilable with that particular tool, I suggest you not to install it on your PC. On other hand, you will get another alert if you are going to install any software that has not a valid license. Don’t use them, try any other alternatives.

Hard drive is full:

Suppose you hard drive is 1TB. If you load data more that 950MB, you will get some problems in each few moments. At such like this situation, you must have to delete or move your data. That will be very compassionate for your computer or laptop.

UPS problem or Power cut:

You know that UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is the main source of power for desktop computer when the power is gone. In this mean time, if your UPS has not so power to carry on your PC, you system will make a restart instantly. On other hand, if your main power supply has not so enough power to continue your PC. (For desktop computer, normal power board is not enough.)

I think these tiny tips will help you very much to prevent your machine from crashing.

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