EagleGet : All in one download Manager for Windows

This little script will give you some unique information about a unique web apps that can help you very much to download every kind of files. You can either download files directly from your browser or by running a copy-paste technique. Both methods will give you same result.

Generally, every normal people (like you and me) use normal download system to download any file from web. For example, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox is enough for downloading files and the Youtube Downloader is the best for downloading Youtube videos. [You can also use Google takeout to download your own uploaded videos from your Youtube channel]

But if you think about these entire words for one more time, you will realize that you must have to install various software to download different file of different formats. At this situation, if you want to get rid of this problem, you can install EagleGet that is a multipurpose downloader. You can download any file instantly from web.

Take a look on EagleGet : All in one download manager

After installing this application o your system, you can find a picture, something like the following screenshot.

EagleGet : All in one download Manager for Windows

If you want to download something, you have two options.

You can right click on the download link and press Download with EagleGet.

EagleGet : All in one download Manager for Windows

You can copy the download link and paste it on that software after going on Add Download.

EagleGet : All in one download Manager for Windows

By default, the following file formats will automatically start downloading.



You can also add or remove formats from the above list.

There is an option that will help you to limit your download speed from 1KB to 2MB. You can  directly download files from following browsers.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 – 10.0, Firefox 3.6 and Google Chrome 10.

You don’t need to go to the startup apps manager to prevent this software from opening at start up as the option is built-in of EagleGet.

I think this little bit of piece will help you very much to do something crazy.

Download EagleGet (Source)

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