Fix WordPress Missed Schedule Problem Instantly

Now a days, WordPress is showing a problem to some bloggers. They can’t publish post in their predefined schedule. “Missed Schedule” is emerging instead of “PublishEven, I have also faced this problem for two times in one of my blogs.

Actually, I am very authenticate to my blog. Everyday I publish 2 or 3 posts. But when I get time on my hand, I write my post also for next day. After writing, I opt the time when that post will be published. That is my daily routine. But tomorrow morning, I got some error when I check my blog after waking up. I could not my post what I had set for that day. But a few moments, I logged in to my WordPress Admin Panel and got a note that’s called “Missed Schedule

Fix WordPress Missed Schedule Problem Instantly

After that I tried several tricks to fix it but nothing works. Though I have not so enough knowledge about .htaccess or anything else, I could not find the manual solution. During finding some settlements, I also realized that there are also so many new bloggers who had already faced this crux.

So, How did I fix WordPress Missed Schedule Problem?

After a few moments, an automation method got appeared in my view. There is a fabulous plugin in WordPress Plugin directory, that is known as WP Missed Schedule Fix Failed PostsThis tool helped/ is still helping me very much.

It will check your blog automatically in every 5 minutes and if it finds anything like Missed schedule, it will automatically fix the problem. But be noted that in one batch, it just publishes 5 posts. This means if you have 6 posts to publish, you must have to wait for two times.

I don’t know what it will do if the following thing happens.

Suppose, you have set 3 posts on following times.

#1 – – 3AM

#2 — 3.02AM

#3 – – 3.4AM

And you have activated this plugin on 11.55PM. That means it will check your blog on 12AM, 12.05AM, 12.10AM, 12.15AM and so on. Right?

If the above process is going on, the #1 post will publish on 3AM, as it sets. But what will happen with #2 and #3 posts? I don’t know whether it will publish on 3.02AM (According to you) or 3AM (According to the plugin). If this is known for you, let us know.

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