Facebook Mini – A Facebook Client for Google Chrome and Windows

Update: Sorry, this is no longer available now.

You know that there are a few Facebook clients for Windows computer that assist you to give the full access of your Facebook account. You can get instant notification and also upcoming birthday notification, upload photos, update status and much more. The most interesting thing is that you can use it either from your Google Chrome web browser or from desktop as a Facebook desktop client. But for using it as a desktop view, you must have to install Flash Player. The entire tool is launched by Cubiez.

How to install it?

You can get this software, for your Chrome browser, from here and the Desktop tool can be grabbed from here.

How to access Facebook Mini?

There is nothing difficult. You can easily download and run it on your Windows PC. After installing it on your browser, you will get a Facebook icon on the URL bar. Just click on it and enter your Facebook log in information. After that you can find your profile with some beautiful option, like the following screenshot.

This is also petty easy to access the desktop mode of this little Facebook desktop client. After installing it on your system, you can find two different icons on your Taskbar. Click the “Facebook” icon and enter your log in details so that it will serve you live notification and more.

Facebook Client for Google Chrome and Windows

Facebook Client for Google Chrome and Windows

As I have told you that there will be different icon, the very next button of Facebook is the Cubiez Marketplace button. You can get several application i.e. Games, Google Search from here.

Facebook Client for Google Chrome and Windows

I think his little information will help you very much. If you have any other query, feel free and ask me.

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