How to Rearrange Google Black Bar Icons

Update: It seems this extension is no longer available on Chrome Web Store.

You know that Google Chrome is exclusively illustrious for its tremendous extensions. And today I am going to immune you how those extensions help you to re-erect your web browser that is called Google Chrome. There are a few artifices those can be done only with Google Chrome. For case in point, you can send any content to your Google Drive online storage with the help of this browser when this is also probable to highlight keywords in Google search result. There are also tons of tactics.

However, sometime we do not get a thing that we really need. Everything cannot give something properly. It’s not that particular tool’s problem. For example, this article where I am talking about the readjusting of Google Black bar icons. Google is a web giant; it has so many products such like Google Analytics, Webmaster Tool, and Google Search (including Image Search) and so on. And the most eminent thing is the Google Blogger which is the preliminary platform for every kind of new bloggers.

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If you open (for Indians), you can find a black bar at the top of your web page. You can treasure it from any browser. By default, you can find some icons such like +You, Search, Images, Maps, Play, Youtube, News, Gmail, Drive, Calendar and more. But do you ever think about its repositioning? I think no. If I am right, you must have to follow the following step by step guide where I am going to explaining you a Google Chrome extension.

How to rearrange Google Black Bar icons?

Meet Big G Black Bar Sorter. You know that I have already familiarized you that it is a Chrome extension which is available on Chrome Web Store. You can easily add it to your browser if you really want to rearrange Google Black bar icons.

After installing it on your browser, you can reorganize those default options via a drag & drop technique. There is nothing to save. You just have to change the default order, if you want.

Rearrange Google Black Bar Icons

Note:- If you remove it from your browser, you will get the previous order.

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