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If you are using Android and facing trouble due to some battery killing applications and other built-in profile settings, you can give it a try what may be helpful for you and obviously for your device. Generally, most of the Android gadgets do not carry the battery
for long days as some built-in features must be running to run your phone smoothly. For example Android System, Google Services, Android Keyboard and more. It depends on the version of Android. Without activating these essential tools, you Android gadget cannot run smoothly. On other hand, these features take a huge part of your small battery. And in this way, you are losing your battery effectively.

How to deal with this?

There are a few applications those are easily downloaded from Google Play Store. And today I am going to tell you something about one of those thousands applications. Meet Easy Battery Saver; it’s really a nice and also useful tool for every kind of Android gadgets.

Little info about Easy Battery Saver :-

The below screen will be appeared after running it on your device.

From here, you will get everything about your current battery. For instance, how long it will give you service if you will run internet or play music or video and so on.

In Optimization tab, you will get five different profiles or modes i.e. Normal Mode, General Power Saving Mode, Intelligent Power Saving Mode, Super Power Saving Mode and Advance Power Saving Mode.

Easy Battery Saver

Normal Mode:- The battery optimization is disabled for this mode. Actually this works as it says. There is nothing inside this mode.

General Power Saving Mode:- Basic network connection and other normal settings can be set up when you are using this profile.

Intelligent Power Saving Mode:- Some quite advance settings can be set up. For example, you can control over Wi-Fi, Mobile Data, Bluetooth and more.

Super Power Saving Mode:- In this mode, you can only save online conversations and texts. Other settings will be appeared if your gadget has a light sensor.

Advance Power Saving Mode:- You can build your own profile that includes Lock & Unlock, Low Battery, Traffic, Wi-Fi, mobile data, Bluetooth, Auto Sync, Brightness, Timeout, Battery Saving brightness, Sleep Schedule and Night Schedule.

I hope this little information about this application is enough for now.

Source:- Google Play Store

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