SpeedTest.Net – Check Your Download and Upload Speed

SpeedTest.Net is a free online service that let you check what your actual internet speed is.There are a few good options for doing the same thing what I am going to tell or talk about. It is not a fact whether you are a resident of USA or UK or Australia or even India.
You can access and check your data connection speed from anywhere.

Let me share a real story that is about my problem on the speed of a data connection. I am an Indian and our society is not so developed in sense of Internet and other cases those are related about Internet. That’s why I am not getting a good internet connection so that I can fulfill my demand. But here is one such a broadband connection that gives a quite good speed. But the problem was; I didn’t get the proper speed in exchange of my money. There might theirs network problem or anything else.
For that, I did claim. But I got only one answer – “Sir, our network is absolutely fine.” And then I came across to this tool or website. I showed them the real speed and now I am using a better speed than previous.

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If you are facing such like a problem or related with this kind of crux, just follow the SpeedTest.Net and get your proper data speed.

SpeedTest.Net – Check Your Download and Upload Speed:-

If you are using any Android device, you can use this site as an application when you can find the same thing if you are on your PC.

For Android and iOS:-

At first download SpeedTest.Net and run it on your gadget. You will find a screen something like the following picture.

SpeedTest.Net - Check Your Download and Upload Speed

Click the “Begin Test” button and wait for up to 30 seconds. In these little moments it will send a ping from gadget and determine the download and upload speed.

There are also one or two settings for roaming.

SpeedTest.Net - Check Your Download and Upload Speed

For Computer:-

Go to SpeedTest.Net and do the same thing like previous. After a few moments you will get your result. Check the Settings tab, there are a few more options for you.

I think you must give it a try as soon as possible.

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