Why Your Friends Cannot Find You on Search Result Page

Do you need to be visible on Facebook search result page? Or do you have another plan to make imperceptible yourself? If you are looking for the first question, you can get your answer from here. As today I am going to make visible your profile for search engine. After doing the following steps, your friends can easily find you whenever they need.

There is no new info about Facebook as you know that Facebook is the prevalent social networking site. You can find every people at here. But are you facing any problem throughout use it. What’s your definite problem? Do your known friends cannot find you to send a friend request or send a

message?if your answer is Yes, now this is the time to fix it within a few seconds by just fluctuating your profile settings.

By default, Facebook does not make indistinguishable you when you form a profile. But in some cases, if anybody is not so proficient with Facebook, he/she can change this setting fallaciously. If this particular thing already happened with you, I am sure that you are looking for a trick such like this.

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How to deal with it?

There is nothing difficult in this trick. Just open your Facebook profile and go to Privacy Settings.

Make your Facebook visible for others

In Who can look me up tab, click the first Edit button and check whether you have chosen Friends or Friends of Friends instead of Everyone or not. If you have done so, change your setting right now.

Make your Facebook visible for others

On the second tab, click the Edit button again and allow search engines to link to your profile timeline.

Make your Facebook visible for others

I think these two settings will make visible you for your known friends and others because you have chosen Everyone.

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