An App Lock to Lock Your Android Device

Everyone wants to protect or hide their privacy from others as we know that “Privacy” means “Secret”. You know that Android is famous for its tons of applications those are really something diverse from other mobile operating systems. I have already given some info about some fabulous tools that may be useful for your daily life.

Everyone (including me) protects their apps from casual installing or uninstalling or receives their calls by other. If you are like these types of people and want to lock everything of your Android device, you can use it.

App Lock to lock your Android gadget :-

App Lock is a free version Android application that let you lock your features of your device. I know that there are so many tools those are working like the same as App Lock. But I suggest you to use it for these below reasons;

  • Very easy to use.
  • All in one locker.
  • Lock applications.
  • Prevent unwanted people from uninstalling or installing from Google Play.
  • Prevent anyone from receiving your private calls.
  • Lock application manager.

Management of App Lock :-

You will come across to a screen if you run it for the first time. Follow the below screenshot.

You also must choose a security question and obviously the security answer.

An App Lock to Lock Your Android Device

After that you can find a screen something like the following picture that will include your built-in and additional installed apps.

An App Lock to Lock Your Android Device

In Advance tab, you will get some advance options. For instance, you can enable or disable all things those can be blocked for others.

An App Lock to Lock Your Android Device

An App Lock to Lock Your Android Device

After that whenever you or any other people will go to open that particular app, you/ he/ she will get a screen that will ask the unlock password.

I think this tiny information will help you very much.

Download Link & Source:- Google Play

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