Add Google Drive to Send To Menu in Windows

Google Drive is a free online storage that offers 5 GB free memory. You can use it and also upsurge the memory of storage by just paying a few dollars. You can stock your pictures, videos, clip

arts, data and other files. It is absolutely protected as you can use Google two step verification for this external online drive.

Actually, it works in two altered ways i.e. online and offline. You can either go to or download Google Drive for using it offline. Offline tools will let you also store everything what you want to accumulate. It’s a small and expedient app for Windows, Mac and Linux. There is an additional part of Google Drive. Actually, you can use it instead of MS Office because it can be worked for forming documents, presentations, forms, free hand drawings and more. But regrettably, these features are just unavailable for offline users. However, let me define the trick.

Actually, if you install Google Drive o your PC, you will have to expose it either from Quick Launch menu bar or from Start Menu or from Desktop shortcut menu. But if this is really need you get access over it faster than before, you can put it on Send To menu that appears on right click context menu. After doing it, you can send any file or folder faster.

Add Google Drive to Send To Menu in Windows

How to add Google Drive to Send To menu?

However, the trick looks petty easy by following the below step by step guide.

[Note:- You must have to install Google Drive on your machine.]

At first copy the installation path of Google Drive. (Right click on Google Drive >> Properties) I hope, the below picture can help you to understand my above words.

Add Google Drive to Send To Menu in Windows

Then navigate to the following options.

Local Disk (C:) >> Users >> Your Account >> Appdata >> Roaming >> Microsoft >> Windows >> Sent To

[Local Disk (C:) is your Windows installation drive. By default Appdata is hidden. You need to unhide all your folders from Folder options.]

Create a shortcut here and paste the previous copied URL in the empty box. (Copied URl = Google Drive installation path)

Give a name and save it.

Add Google Drive to Send To Menu in Windows

That’s all! Now you can find Google Drive in your Send To menu.

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