How to Block Image for A Particular Website

I am not sure whether there is any software or extension or add-on to block image for a particular website so that you can surf your favorite blog faster than before. Suppose, you like a weblog but that blog is showing some annoying ads and post pictures. You can easily block ad through ad block that is available for any browser i.e. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox. But what you can do with those repellent images? I am sure that is out of a good blog strategy. But I have really found a blog that is using some exciting photos to attract visitors to get more page views. According to me, that is not any good idea to carry your visitor for a long days.

Till now I am talking for webmasters. Now I want to say something for normal people who open their favorite blog as a net surfer. For them, this is quite difficult to open such like those blogs in front of some older people or at public place. Their good impression may be lose in their society. Isn’t? If you are suffering such like this problem and want to block those pictures to read only the texts, you can use this trick.

How to block image for a particular website?

This is quite simple to do. Here is the bad luck for Internet Explorer users as today I am going to tell you this trick that can be done with Google Chrome/ Chromium and Mozilla Firefox.

For Google Chrome/ Chromium:-

Open that particular site and click the View Site Information button that is situated just beside the URL bar. Click the Allowed by Default button under Images menu and choose Always block on this site.

Now reload your page.

For Mozilla Firefox:-

Open your favorite site and select View Page Info from the right click context menu. Go to Permissions tab and uncheck Load Images button and choose Block.

How to Block Image for A Particular Website

Exit from there and reload your page.

That’s all! I think this little trick will help you to keep visiting to your favorite blog.

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