Shut Down Your PC After A Predefined Time

Today I am going to tell something about a Windows software which has the capability to shut down your PC after a predefined time. You can either set your for this time which will be set for daily basis for you can also turn off your PC for a specific date and time. Actually this software is too much helpful for us who download 9-10 GB at one time. Pictures, Videos, musics are downloaded everyday by me and the memory is not yet so small. I go to anywhere after starting download. And this software will shut down my PC after a predefined time. Actually, I know what my internet speed is and after calculating a simple math, I set the time.

If you are like me and want to do something like that, you can at least give this software a try which can either shut down or hibernate or log off your computer. Naturally the word automation sounds as an artificial intelligence. And you know that the present world is depending on this kind of intelligence. Everywhere you can find something artificial and those are really reliable. For example, the automatic sending procedure of your latest post to Facebook and Twitter is very much helpful for busy bloggers who has not so enough time to spend it for sharing. There are also so many tricks which may be helpful for your daily life to make a task easier than ever before.

However, let turn back to the core topic of this article where I am talking about how to shut down your PC after a predefined time. Actually, there are so many software for this same trick when today I have also chosen one of them.

Meet WinMend. Its a free version of software that is running smoothly on Windows 7 and Windows 8. This is very much smart in sense of artificial intelligence. You can turn off, log off, hibernate your PC at any time with the help of this software. You will come across a screen after running it on your PC, something like the following screen snap.

Just select your time and press Start Task. That’s all!

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