Clearly – Read Your Favorite Article from Evernote

Clearly is a Google Chrome extension that will let you read your favorite article from Evernote. You can send any of your favorite pages from right click context menu. You know that Evernote is a well-known online that can preserved your notes and send it to anywhere. You can also use it’s paid version for increasing your experience.

On other hand Google Chrome is much better than other web browser that is available for Windows operating system. You can do anything with it and its totally safe and easy to use. You can also

make use of tons of extensions for different purposes. For instance, you can synchronize and read your feed from Google Chrome web browser and also save any article as a PDF to read it offline. Generally, there are also many extensions those are available in Chrome Web Store and which also works for reading your article offline. But as it can synchronize your Evernote account, I recommend you to use it instead of other tools.

Clearly – Read Your Favorite Article from Evernote:-

At first you need to add it on your browser. Then you can enter your Evernote username and password so that Clearly can store your notes in Evernote. There is a quite large setting. There from you can manage Hotkeys, Tags, Notebook, Filing, Related Notes, Account and so on.

Though Theme Change option also can be appeared on the page which from you will save your article, you can also get it from the settings page of Clearly.

Sometimes, we lose our interest and also energy to read even our favorite something. You are also feel so, you can use the Text to Speech option so that you can get read your article in a different mode.

You can also highlight a portion of your note so that you can easily find an important part easily. Generally, Wikipedia offers a detailed article for every times. You can use it at this situation.

How to use Clearly?

The method is very easy. At first select a webpage that you want to read from Evernote. Right click on that page and choose Clearly from the context menu.

Clearly - Read Your Favorite Article from Evernote

After that you can find your page with some options. Choose any option according to your wish.

Clearly - Read Your Favorite Article from Evernote

That’s all! I think this little bit of piece is enough for now.

Content Source:- Download Clearly.

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