Top 3 Digital Signature Apps

Organizations throughout the world want to automate workflows, processes and ultimately business operations to add value to ROI. Therefore, digital documents are an important part of the business workflow nowadays. Whether it is a government organization, health care unit or an NGO, electronic documents rule the communication as well as the collaborative culture of the businesses in general. Despite all this, whenever a document needs to be signed, a physical copy is required to get a signed authorization from the concerned personnel. The introduction of paper into the automated workflow process not only increases operational costs but it also directly impacts the efficiency of the workforce. Therefore, a digital signature solution is required to attain full benefits of an electronic workflow which completely eliminates the need to print documents and get those signed.

Getting a paper document signed takes up days whereas the average time to get an electronic document signed using a web-based app is just a matter of minutes. Digital signatures ensure the authenticity of any electronic document whether it is an email attachment, a spreadsheet, a text file or a legal document. You can authenticate the person who created the document and keep track of changes (if any) in the document since it was created. With such an app at hand, you can conveniently collaborate on documents with your colleagues and peers. There are a number of Apps available in the market which automates the authentication and signature process in a work environment. Some of these Apps such as RightSignature, GroupDocs Signature and SigningHub provide flawless capabilities and features of a SaaS-based signature app.

Let’s Check them:-

  • RightSignature

With RightSignature, you can send a document to your colleagues for signature using three simple steps:

Upload or choose a document from your computer or any web application.

Add the name and email of each signer of the document.

Enter a subject and an optional message to your recipients, and click send.

It ensures that the digital signature looks quite realistic and just like it was signed with a pen on a paper. You can also include help text to guide signers in filling out the required fields. You can add expiration dates by which signers must sign the document. An automatic email notification reminds signers to execute the signature task as soon as possible. The sender and all signers are then, notified via email when a document is fully executed.

  • GroupDocs Signature

GroupDocs Signature is an easy-to-use, SaaS-based digital signature app through which you can simply email documents to your signers. All you need to do is add email addresses of the signers to send the document to be signed. It is a secure service with in-built encryption. There is not a long sign-up process for the signers to follow. They can simply log in with their Facebook or other social networking account. Signers need to be logged in to sign the document so that authentication of the right person is ensured. Whenever a signer has executed the signature task, the sender is automatically informed. GroupDocs Signature offers compatibility with a wide range of file formats such as DOC, DOCX, ODT, PDF, TIFF and many more. All electronic signatures generated by GroupDocs Signature can be sent to any system and location to be validated and signed quickly without using any third-party software.

  • SigningHub

SigningHub is a cloud-based signature app to manage all your documents online and there is no requirement for additional software to run locally. Common document types such as DOC, DOCX, XLS, PPT, RTF etc. can be uploaded and are then converted into PDF. The document sender can see the status of a document which was sent to be signed.

Top 3 Digital Signature Apps

Instructions as well as guidelines are provided to the signers on where to sign in the document and signing the document is just a matter of a few clicks. Reminders and alerts can also be sent to the signers to complete the signature task. It consists of embedded timestamps and validation data to ensure that the signature is considered valid in the future.

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