How to Scan Removal Drives Using Windows Defender

I have engraved such like a title as you distinguish that by default, Windows Defender is not perusing subtraction drives when you run a Full Scan through it. You know that Windows 8 doesn’t need any additional antivirus as there is a built-in system shield that is baptized as Windows Defender.

Everything, what you presume from an antivirus, is existing inside this freeware which is slickly running on Windows 8. As you know that Windows 8 comes with lot of magnificent apparatuses which are not only for nerds but also for regular guys. Charms bar, metro screen, fast booting are already engrossed everyone’s mind as well as attention. Decently, now I am consuming just Windows 8 after watching all of those pre-mentioned features.

The most beautiful thing is the Software store which is a built-in app for this latest version of Microsoft Windows operating system. You can download or buy tons of applications from there. There are also so many third party software i.e. Metro Twit, Librarian which are just fantastic to manage your Windows 8 PC when you are a newbie. Though by default, Windows 8 stores all app data on one drive, you can easily change it whenever you want to migrate.

However, let’s get back to the primary topic of this article where I am talking about a built-in antivirus. You know that offline antivirus is safer than online antivirus and after keeping this in mind I have decided to use Windows Defender as a primary system defender. But here is a problem, whenever you will run a full scan through this tool, it will not scan your removal drives. You have to permit it for scanning.

How to scan removal drives using Windows Defender?

This is quite easy to enable when the option is also inside your computer.

Open your Windows Defender and go to Settings.

From Advance tab, check the Scan Removal Drives.

How to Scan Removal Drives Using Windows Defender


Make sure your change.

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