Quickly Hide Contact without Any Software on Your Android Device

Though there are tons of free and paid Android applications which will help you to hide or lock your contacts and are working something like these, I suggest you this trick where you don’t need any third party tool to do so. You know that Android is the king of next generation mobile software. You can everything what you want to use on Google Play Store if you are a user of Android.

There are so many software those are occupied in a reliable way and aid you very much. For instance, Clean Master will help you to remove cache and temporary files, Easy Battery Saver will help

you to save your battery from battery killing applications and so on. If you are a daily reader of Versed Tech, you Scan find that always I recommend using built-in features instead of using a third party tool because third party tools may be harmful for your device.

On other end, Android is the best mobile operating system since last few years. I think this is only for providing by Google. As Google is the web giant and all their products are super. However, let’s get back to the main topic.

Sometimes, we need to hide something so that we can carry on our privacy and save something secret from any unwanted person. After considering it, now I am going to tell you something simple. You can easily use this tweak on your device. There is no need to install any software either from Google Play Store or from anywhere else.

How to hide contact without any software?

Open your contacts and choose the name which you want to hide from normal contact list.

After that open the Menu and go to Display Option. (My mobile says it Display Option when it may be any other names.)

Quickly Hide Contact without Any Software on Your Android Device

Check the box that says Only Contacts with Phones. Save your settings.

Quickly Hide Contact without Any Software on Your Android Device

That’s all!

Image Source:- Leolankan

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