Lock a Particular Application of Your Android Device

I don’t know whether there is any android device or not which can lock a particular application instead of locking down entire device. And this is what I dislike and I also think that it is one of those disadvantages which can create clutter between users. Entire lock system is absolutely good and there is no doubt about it. But sometime it create problem when my friends ask me to play soccer or other games. I always use my phone screen lock but this is not enough to prevent my friends from accessing my Facebook account and seeing contacts. Anyone (including myself) cannot refuse their friends when they ask for your mobile. You will have to give the screen lock password and as I have told you that this password is everything for your mobile, now your friends can access your entire gadget without taking your permission. Right?

It is happening as there is no parental control system inside your android device. But today I am going to mention you a little tool that will help you to bring parental control over your Android device /mobile. By making use of this application, you can easily lock down any of your installed or built-in application to prevent your friends or kids from accessing only approved apps. There will be only one password and that will be used as the administrative password. For a special admin rights, you will have to enter you valid and running email address so that they can use it when you will forget your existed password.

Lock a particular application of your Android device :-

Meet Android Parental Control. It is a free version app that is available on Google Play Store. You will face a screen that will ask you the admin password. Follow the following screen snap.

After that click the Modify button so that you can choose applications those will be locked down by you.

Lock a Particular Application of Your Android Device


As a success result, you will find a screen something like the following image.

Lock a Particular Application of Your Android Device

After all, whenever you or anyone else will go to open that locked app, you or he /she will get the below screen.

Lock a Particular Application of Your Android Device

I think this little bit of information is enough for now. If you have any other query, feel free ask us.

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