6 Ways to Transfer Files between PC and Mobile

File transmission system is not so easy when you are at any public place but I deliberate these 6 ways are truly dependable and you can transfer files via these systems from anywhere. It is a real and default fact that you can stock more memory on your PC than your smart phone and that’s why every of us stores music, videos, images, data and more on PC instead of mobile. But here is not the and we also face sometimes when we need to transfer a particular or some files either from PC to mobile or from mobile to PC. But at such like this condition, what do you do to do so when there are many things to do? If you ask this question to me, my answer will be one among following 6 ways.

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Transfer files between PC and mobile :-

Card Reader:-

Yes! Card readers are quite helpful for transferring files between PC and mobile. You just need a card reader and connect it with your mobile chip. That’s all!

USB Cable:-

Usually, USB cables are too much obliging at many situations. You can do a various things by making use of it. You can connect your mobile in sense of doing internet surfing via mobile data connection, transfer files, update your phone and more.


Bluetooth is also working as same as USB Cable. You can transfer files, connect your PC for web surfing, play music, call anyone and more. But I suggest you to connect your mobile via USB Cable instead of Bluetooth.


Wi-Fi file transfer system takes a huge part of transferring files between two different gadgets. You can transfer files between PC and mobile only then when those two devices are connected on same Wi-Fi router.


File transfer through Email is a also a good technique. Just send an email or save an email with your selected file and download it from your mobile or PC.

Cloud Storage:-

I always prefer a safe and secure way at everywhere. And that’s why I am telling you to use different cloud storage i.e. Google Drive, Skydrive, Dropbox and others to transfer files between two gadgets. Suppose, you have to send some files from PC to mobile, just upload that file to your online storage and then download it from your mobile. But in this case, you need a good internet connection.

Have I missed something? Let us know, we will update our list as soon as possible.

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