How to Change the Desktop Icon Spacing in Windows 8

You know that Windows 8 derives with so many new features. And you can simply customize your desktop and additional edges with some good looking features or by making use of the background or doing anything else. There are a few couple of things those are totally new in Windows 8. The metro screen, charms bar, personalize area are recruited their names in those new features list.

You know that Windows 8 doesn’t offer desktop gadgets which are really good for customizing desktop and available for Windows 7. But you can still get them through 8Gadget Pack. There are also a useful thing is missing and that is called the Start Menu when you can also get it via so many tools. However, these are different from the core topic of this article. Let’s get back to it.


How to change the desktop icon spacing?

Today I am going to show you this trick that will be done through Registry Editor. I don’t know whether there is any third party tool or not but you know that I always prefer easy and built-in tool to anything.

<Don’t forget to take a backup before applying any changes>

At first open your Registry Editor (Press Win + R >> Type regedit & hit Enter).

Navigate to the following options.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER >> Control Panel >> Desktop >> WindowMetrics

Here you will get two files aka IconSpacing and IconVerticalSpacing. The first one if for increasing the horizontal spacing and the other one if for increasing vertical spacing.

How to Change the Desktop Icon Spacing in Windows 8

By default, you will get -1125 as a value for both. You just need to change to from -480 to -2700.

How to Change the Desktop Icon Spacing in Windows 8

Save your changes. Sign out and re-sign in (sometimes it needs a restart).

That’s all!

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