How to Open Windows 8 Metro Apps from Desktop

There is no word which can make known to Windows 8 as everything has been said by me and other millions of blogs. Though some features are totally new but there are also some people who don’t like Windows 8. There may be various reasons but according to me this is just superb. Some features are very good optimized and also can be used for different purposes. There is no need to download and install Skydrive as this is almost built-in. like this, there are also so many tools those have put in by Microsoft to help you and do something faster than ever before. It takes just 200ms which can’t be counted by a normal guy.

You know that metro apps are very much helpful and these give you a different looks. You can also open IE 10 and Google Chrome in Metro view and also desktop view. Actually, there is no particular intention to open metro apps from desktop but it is quite helpful when you are bypassing the metro screen. Generally, most of start menu bringers don’t offer to open metro screen and at such like situation, you can open them from your desktop by just making a shortcut. Yes! There is no need to install any third party tool when you can do it without taking the help of any third party tool.

How to open Windows 8 metro apps from desktop?

It looks petty easy with the following code.

Create a shortcut to where you want to create a root shortcut to open those apps.

Then paste the following code ad click the Next button.

%windir%\explorer.exe shell:::{4234d49b-0245-4df3-b780-3893943456e1}

Enter a name and save changes.

That’s all! Now you can open Windows 8 metro apps from desktop.

Via:- Eight Forums

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