Manage Your Unlimited Opened Tabs with TooManyTabs [TMT]

Here is a tiny review of a small add-on that will let you manage your countless tabs and windows so that you can easily pick out a particular tab which you are looking for. If you read my previous article, you will come to know that I have a little problem. I do not care about number of tabs and open more and more tabs. And after sometimes, I realize my problem. So, today I am again going to give some informative information about a extension which will surely help you very much.

TooManyTabs (Introduction):

Meet TooMakyTabs. This is one of those plugins which is available for both Chrome and Firefox. This plugin is provided by Visibo and it works really nice. I know that there are also so many tools such like Tab Expose, Tab Manager, Awesome New Tab Page but this is my first choice because of some reasons;

  • Easy to use
  • Opened and closed tab view supported
  • Sort tabs by date of creation, domain or title.
  • Custom theme supported.
  • Import and export tabs between Firefox and Chrome.

Manage Your Unlimited Opened Tabs with TooManyTabs [TMT]

I think, this bit of piece is enough for now. If you have any problem with this extension, let us know.

Download TooManyTabs for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.


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