How to Download Partial Backup of Your MySQL Database

You know that WordPress is much better than Google Blogger and everyone wants to use it for its awesome SEO and decorated themes. You can easily embed anything to your WordPress when this is quite difficult to add that same thing to your Blogger blog. You must need some coding experience and more to handle a blogspot blog. However, that is a different story. You know that phpMyAdmin, MySQL Database are the most essential thing for a WordPress blog. All these depend on PHP which includes Perl-like variables. From my previous article you might get an introduction of phpMyAdmin where from you could also get some info about how to change the WordPress user password when your site got hacked. And today I am going talk you something that will help you when you are not enough so ready for migrating your web hosting. Meanwhile, I want to say that this migrating procedure is quite difficult than transferring blog to WordPress from Google Blogger. You could do it but sometimes you might face various problems.

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When you should use this technique?

Suppose, you have added more than one blog to your one web hosting and at such like this situation, you will get one database for each weblog. On other end, you want to migrate one among all. So, there is no need to download the full backup because, that backup includes files for other blogs. In this mean time, you can obviously use this technique.

How to download partial backup of your MySQL Database?

Before downloading, you would have to create a full backup of your Home Directory.

Then go to Backup Wizard under Files menu.

Click Backup from left side and choose MySQL Databases. After that, you will find all your databases names. Just click on one that you want to download.

That’s all!

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